How to Style Your Basic T-Shirt.

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It's the weekend again everyone! I was waiting anxiously to get some downtime to blog again but it was a crazy mad week. With Connor being taken ill with a high fever and my busy work schedule catching up tending to Connor for a couple of days, hence been so swarmed and before you know it - there you go.... the weekend comes around again and another week has passed!

Can't believe we are already hitting the end of October for 2012! My god, where did time fly to? This past week, we have been really excited reviewing samples of our Foster Bay manufactured label items for our Xmas and New Year collection which had just arrived. We had also just completed our "Autumn Rhapsody II" collection's photoshoot launching soon on 1 November 2012 with a new  and lovely face - Sarah H. as our model this time around. Seeing ourselves evolving slowly to the next level in such a short spate of time has been such a ride. A few tweaks still required with suppliers and honestly we can't wait for it to be launched.

Meanwhile since I have been running around so much for the new collection as well as for arranging stuff in view of my impending long break to UK and USA in Dec'12 - Jan'13 so I have been just throwing on jeans/shorts with basic tee almost all week long.  Although many bloggers out there have covered this post on " How To Style Your Basic Tee" but I thought I would like to give my take on it as well.

V Neck T-Shirt : My own, Old 
Tweed Jacket : Amber Avenue 
Paisley Print Skirt : H&M
Necklace : My own, old.
Shoes : Zalora

Here are a few LOOKS you can achieve with just your basic tee.



 Do share with me your further thoughts and ideas on how to trend the basic tee.

Have a great weekend ahead!


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