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Call me country bumpkin but whilst I am sure many of you would have already tried out, tasted and enjoyed the ambience of Carpenter and Cook - a vintage home store and artisan bakery located at Bukit Timah in Singapore, this was certainly my first visit to this unique cafe. Introduced to it by Cheryl who took me there, of course I had to do a fashion post whilst out in this unique store( please see my outfit of the day below).

 Opened in mid 2012 by 3 good friends ( Pheobe, Shenn & Eunice) who wanted to make the collection of vintage stuff and furniture something bigger  than just personal collectables. Hence the concept of Carpenter and Cook was born, where they could fill a whole shop with vintage stuff and yet feed people with delicious cakes and bakes.

In all honesty, it is not the first of such concept cafes here in Singapore, however what had me thrilled with this particular place was that even the sitting arrangement was so relax. Although there were individual 2 or 3 seater tables, however groups of people were expected to share the larger tables. My friend Cheryl and I had to share a table with a group of girls who are from Lasalle College of Arts, majoring in Fashion Business and we ended up chatting away and enjoying each others' company. It is certainly one of those quaint places in the midst of a residential estate that makes it so unique and attractive. Less commercial in feel perhaps and more homely and friendly in terms of service and presentation.
Our new friends from Lasalle College of Arts.

Cheryl and I enjoying our Brioche and Quiche...yum yum!!
What caught my eye and attention to this unique Patisserie is that every plate, cup and saucer is different and all handpicked by the 3 beautiful owners. Waiting numbers are kids tool box kit of screwdriver, hammers or kitchen utensils etc.. tied to a vintage tin cup with a number on it.
Calling cards are done uniquely like vintage price tags.
For those of you who are truly into vintage furniture and collectables, you will be thrilled to note that every item you see in this cafe is available for sale. Here are a few glimpses. They also provide services such as for parties, styling services, vintage props and decor for weddings, parties and even photoshoots.

 Food selection is a little limited as it's not a restaurant per se, however key favourites such as the Fruit Tarts, Brioche, Quiche was certainly tasty.  

Unique tables out of old sewing machines
Check out the cute school desks outside the Cafe.
Lace Jacket : H&M
Fringe Skirt : ZASS
Ring : Quiet Riot
Necklace : Amber Avenue
Shoes : Old, own

I for one certainly enjoyed my afternoon tea at Carpenter and Cook and will certainly be back for more. Hope to see you there soon!

Carpenter and Cook
Operating hours are:
Tuesdays - Fridays: 12pm - 10pm
Saturdays: 10am - 10pm
Sundays: 10am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays
( Contact details please refer to pic on Calling Card above) 

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