How to Style White and NOT look big? (Part 1 - White Series)

Hey guys,

Finding some traction in my blog posts of late and thought I'd share these tips on how to style ( if you can call this a color) " White" and not look big? In my personal styling sessions, I often get thrown this question as many are of the mindset that styling black creates an illusion of being thinner - so styling white should be the opposite. Hence many of you do refrain from wearing full WHITE outfits.

Well, here's some tips you can avoid to trend a full White on White outfit and still look fabulous.

1) Personally, the style of the outfit/ silhouette is the first thing that comes to mind. A thicker fabric and one that is flowing rather than tight, definitely helps to create some texture and movement in the look and therefore take the focus away from key focal points that you do not wish to accentuate.

2) I believe in drawing the attention more towards your face, so showing a little more skin on the upper half of the body works, bring the focus to your face using accessories and great makeup.

3) Underwear is also key here! Many also have the misconception to wear white underwear with white outfits but to the contrary if the fabric is thin enough, it does show the silhouette a lot more than if one used nude toned underwear. 

4) A full white on white look actually works better to "slim" the look rather than working with pops of colour.

5) Wear items that are loose - if a full white outfit is tight fitting - every curve is accented and highlighted. Therefore, wearing items that fit looser ( again to Point 1) creates movement and texture and less emphasis on the body shape/ size.

Do look out for my posts on Part 2 & 3 of my White Series inspirations.


Simone xoxo

Wardrobe Edit - Watch The Sessions NOW!

 Hi everyone and I know you must be wondering where I have been this last one year? 

For those of you who have been following me on Instagram - I have been active with my outfit posts and styling tips just a little slower in posts given I had recently gone back to full time corporate work. Instagram is the main platform that I showcase my styling tips and tricks and #ootd. So please follow me there for more up to date looks ( @yourstylearchitect)

Nonetheless my passion for fashion still holds strong and figured it's about time I refreshed and updated my blog as well.

So for today, let me just share with you some fun times I recently had with a client when I headed over to her place for a Wardrobe Edit. She had never done one before so it took a bit of coaxing to get her to understand why one needs to do such an exercise now and again - cos it does open up one's eyes to note how we have been "frivolously" spending our money with no thought process and eventually ending up with the same styles / color over and over again. That is why many of us open up our wardrobes and still go on about " I don't have anything to wear" when one has a wardrobe FULL of clothes!

Enjoy and do leave me a comment on what strike you the most from the videos and what take away tip was most useful for you.

                                                            Wardrobe Edit 

                                                            WATCH NOW ! PART 2


                                                            WATCH NOW ! PART 3


Simone xoxo

Welcome Year of the Rabbit

 Hi everyone,

I have to firstly apologise that much has been happening on my end and I needed to take a haitus from blogging over the last year. My main focus for social media interaction was ONLY via Instagram, hence  for those of you are not following me yet on Instagram, kindly do so with my handle : @yourstylearchitect so you can enjoy the reels and videos I have put together as well as for more regular outfit inspirations.

Firstly, I have to admit that  2022 was a year I like to leave behind me as I had a few challenges from a fractured foot ( so that meant mobility was a big issue) which did not allow me to take many photos or do much styling. Then the disappointments with insincere people and friendships, of which I should have trusted my gut feelings from Day 1 when I spotted the red flags. Well, I guess we all live and let learn and so I have moved on leaving hypocrisy behind and definitely not wanting to reinvite such negativity into my life again. Sadly, 2022 also brought further sadness with the passing of our rescue dog from Hong Kong, who had succumbed recently to cancer and passed on 5 Dec 2022. It was a sad, trying few months that I had to administer palliative care for her. I still miss Rum badly. I will share a tribute reel I had put together for her in my next post.

Anyways, now with the Year of the Rabbit at hand, I finally decided to check-in again to my blog and at least say Hi to those of you who have continued to love and support me in what I do. So here's a big bang entry into the Year of the Rabbit and still pushing hard to inspire all of you on how to shop from your own wardrobe, keep fashion sustainable and be very selective on how you spend your money on new buys. Yes, we are all facing some financial restrictions during this tough economic times, so why spend what's not necessary but just restyle, re-wear and re-create new looks from what you have.

In the first qipao / cheongsam look - which is a traditional Chinese outfit that most women wear especially during special occasions like Lunar New Year, Weddings or formal events, mine here was custom made for me back in 2021. Unfortunately as I get older in years, the confidence of wearing short or mini skirts gets lesser, therefore I have decided to " extend " the hemline of this outfit without altering it per se, but throwing on a tulle skirt underneath and voila... we got a whole new vibe going on here. A fusion twist to a traditional garb.

In the second look, I added an obi belt made of men's ties to cinch in the waist and add a bit of " drama" to the outfit. And with the tassle earrings, it definitely changes the look of the outfit to one being more chinoi in vibe.

Hope you enjoyed this first post of 2023 and as mentioned, do follow me on instagram ( click here) where I post every other day and provide " 3 Ways To Style " series for fashion inspiration on how to restyle your current wardrobe items. 


Simone xoxo

Pink & Green

Outfit & Shoes : Zara
Belt : JR Design
( Please use discount code " Yourstylearchitect" to enjoy 10% off your purchases online)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for still sticking by and following me although I needed to take a much needed break from blogging as my life was just going in so many directions especially with Covid. One would think that I would have more time to be blogging but on the contrary, I got busier with collaborations especially for Instagram which I am most active on, for all my social media accounts.

Aside from that, my personal styling consults were getting more enquiries and I am now also the In-House stylist for one of the most prominent vintage clothing stores in Singapore. Styling people have always been such a fun experience but working with vintage wear - that's a whole other ball game as not many stylists are working in that direction. Most are focused on workwear, casual wear and outfits of today. Creating vintage looks and getting my customers happy with those looks takes a whole lot more!

Anyway, to re-introduce myself to all of you - here is a Pink and Green combo look which is an easily affordable outfit from Zara and one that any of you can Get The Look ( and not just for less!). I love this combination a lot and you will see me play with such colour palettes in upcoming posts. Meanwhile enough said, enjoy my return from sabbatical of blogging and stay tuned for more exciting reels and blog posts coming up. 

Always happy to take your enquiries for styling tips so please do drop me an email or a comment below on what you would like to see me style next or perhaps to ask for some styling tips. For those of you based in Singapore, happy to customise a styling session for you too based on your needs and budget so please Click on the tag above that says Personal Styling and we can get going from there once you have completed a Pre-Styling Consult survey.

Have a great Valentine's Day coming up and see you guys again soon.

Simone xoxo 💕 💋 

UPCYCLING :: Men's Ties to Obi Belts


Hi everyone,

I had recently chanced upon a thrift shop here in Singapore which has been around for a long time but I have never had the chance to explore till recently. Here, I found the most amazing upcycling idea which the thrift shop has taken on to actively promote sustainability and yet be able to move their items in order to secure every sale that goes towards contributing and providing financial aid to the poor - The Society of St Vincent De Paul.

So what is so amazing was that I found some stunning Obi belts which is one size fits all and is perfect for them to use men's ties and create this amazing new product. As most people are working from home, of course men nowadays rarely wear ties to work or even from home, so with so much stock of donated men's ties in the store which was not moving off the shelves, this amazing idea by one of their volunteers got me so excited that I bought 5 immediately. Not to mention that a local newscaster/ celebrity/ ex-model saw it on my Instagram feed and she too supported them with some purchases. From then on, I have touched based with the store manager and he said since the post on Instagram, many have been buying the belts and the volunteers are now struggling to get more out as there is now a waitlist. Previously when they had first launched it, it was online for sale for over 2 weeks yet no one took any interest to it. 

So as I would say #trustthestylist and once I showcased how to mix and match using these Obi belts, I am sure more of you ( especially those living in Singapore) will be able to lend your support to this great cause and promote sustainability.

Enjoy this little video I had put together showcasing 3 of the Obi Belts I have purchased for your styling inspirations.

( Please click  here if you are unable to view above )

Top : Cotton On 
Vest : H&M
Skirt : Stradivarius
Earrings : A Vintage Tale
Shoes : Prada from Vestiaire Collective


Simone xoxo