One Outfit, Two Different Shoe Styles ( The Fashion Pulpit Review)

Dress : The Fashion Pulpit Swap ( learn more here)
Bag : H&M ( get it here)
Slides : Bayou Sole ( get it here & here)
Booties : The Tui Collection ( get it here)
*Use Code "Booties25" to enjoy 25% off now!
Earrings : Rattan Zakka ( get it here)
Sunglasses : old, Kate Spade ( similar here)
Hat : old ( similar here
Dog : Rum ( rescued in Hong Kong)

Hi everyone,

I hope this post finds you well and you are all staying safe, isolating yourselves indoors. I am following the news round the world for the latest updates all weekend and to be honest, have gotten quite depress after seeing the documentary on Italy and the escalating issue with Covid 19 by the team from Sky News. It was a wake up call for most of us who are lucky enough not to be caught in such intense environments, thankful for what our government is doing for us and our health system, yet our heart and prayers go out to all those who have succumbed to this horrible disease and to their grieving families.

At the back of our mind, many of us all over the world ( especially those in our 20s - 30s and may I add even the very old) believe this will not happen to us or our families. After all, we are keeping safe by regularly washing our hands and perhaps for some others, even to the extent of already practising some form of self isolation or social distancing. However, as much as I do not wish to create panic, I want to stress the importance that having such a complacent attitude " that it will not happen to me.. all will go away soon"... is NOT going to happen if we are all not practising what our governments are time and again screaming out for us to do. STAY AT HOME guys and be vigilant. Especially when you have old people and young children in your homes. Do not think this virus will not get you as you have always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Sportsman and athletes are also suffering from this. 

Enough said, I have decided since last Friday to keep myself as " locked down" as possible. To have as little social interactions except for a quick store run for the essentials as possible. Even walking the dog, I often meet my fellow dog walking friends in the neighbourhood and now it's a quick " hi / bye" as opposed to chit chats for 5 mins on what's happening. Hence, I had to do this shoot with my tripod and remote ( sorry for those obvious point and shoot captures), with my trusted and hopefully virus free pet - Rum. She just looked like a perfect accessory to the shoot and given my inspirations from Gucci and their latest campaigns posing with animals - why not use Rum who sits around all day waiting for her moment of fame!!

For this photoshoot, I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight that we can still remain fashionably conscious and sustainable during such tough economic times. One should look at swapping our clothes, support vintage and thrift shops to recycle outfits rather than buy new so here, I have explored a new clothes swap concept store in Singapore recently and the treasures I had found there by exchanging my old gently used and pre-loved outfits is so rewarding. Enough said, you can check out the videos attached below on my review of The Fashion Pulpit which I had done recently and the second fashion inspo video on how I styled these exact same outfits I had swapped from my first video.

This dress styled above in this post was another one of my swaps from The Fashion Pulpit and I decided to showcase, that with a slight change of shoes one can create very different feels to an outfit. The first look was with tasseled slides which exudes a very summer, holiday mood. Whereas the second pairing of a leather pair of booties, is a trans-seasonal look one can style from winter to Spring and yet with this gorgeous " breathable" leather boots from The Tui Collection, its handwoven rattan design allows me to trend this even in the dead of summer and chic up a plain outfit. Try pairing this pair with denim shorts.

For this limited period, The Tui Collection is now offering all my followers a 25% off this gorgeous pair of booties by using my special code of " Booties25"!! So hurry and grab yourself a great deal now!!

So in the comments below, do let me know which is your favourite pairing of shoes from this post and in the meantime, do enjoy watching these videos below and let me know which is your favourite swap outfit too.

Simone xoxo

Escape Into A Vintage Tale

Hi everyone,

Today, I am bringing you a very different style of a blog post. This was a recent shoot done for A Vintage Tale based here in Singapore who recently launched their new collection of over 250pcs. Now with what is happening with Covid 19 and the global pandemic, everyone is obviously concern with spending money. However my bottom line is - work with keeping fashion sustainable and recycle outfits rather than fast fashion.

We had much fun putting this photoshoot together with different concepts and themes, however the point we want to make is - dare to be different, create your own style. Restyle and recycle your current wardrobe and in this case, shop smart and by supporting vintage, one is also helping to keep fashion sustainable rather than chucking out old style clothing. Upcycle your outfits if they seem too dated and create new pieces from old pieces.

Let me know which is your favourite outfit from the photoshoot.

* All Outfits by A Vintage Tale

How To Wear A Pin Stripe Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit : J.O.A  ( get it heresimilar here & here)
Cotton Tee : Cotton On ( get it here)
Straw Bag : H&M ( get it here)
Cap : old ( similar here)
Ring : Next ( similar here & here)
Shoes : Pull N Bear ( similar here & here)
Rosette : old ( similar here & here)

Hi everyone. This week, I am bringing you a casual look that you can style for Spring. Made of a slightly heavier material, which is perfect for those still slightly cooler days, and with a slight stretch to it, this double breasted pin stripe jumpsuit from J.O.A can be worn on it's own or as I did, pair it with a t-shirt underneath for more comfort.

Keeping this look casual, I paired it with a comfy pair of espadrille wedges and top it off with a baker's boy cap. However I needed to add my own little feminine twist to what would have seemed like a more tom-boy style of dressing. Hence the cute little flower pin which I had for more than 10 years hidden somewhere in my closet and now it was the perfect piece of accessory to finish this look with.

You could add a pair of booties to this look for a more funky vibe. And the straw bag in circular shape just helps to add a little texture to the final clean line look. The same goes for the contemporary wave ring.

Here are some other pin-stripe jumpsuit inspirations I found on Instagram and hope these pictures could help you style your jumpsuit in various ways.

Instagram Photo Credit : @cityluxvancouver
Instagram Photo Credit : @themerrymoore 
Instagram Photo Credit : @iamcbelle
I hope you enjoyed this casual weekend look and do check out my Instagram for my latest IGTV featuring a series on " How To Style....."

Simone xoxo

The Print Shop :: Print On Print Cotton Dress With 2 Belt Styles

Look 1 : With Scarf Belt ( @naladesigns / @justgayas)

Look 2 : With Vintage Leather Belt ( @avintagetale)

Dress : Jodi Life ( sold out) ( similar here & here
Scarf Belt : Nala Designs ( get it here) // Leather Belt : A Vintage Tale
Earrings : vintage ( similar here & here
Ring : Lovisa ( similar here & here) 

Hi all,

I have been so extremely busy this month seeing that many of the brands I love and support are all working on launching their new collections. I was of course privy to some of these new styles before they are officially launched and have been busy trying to take as many photographs to showcase them on my Instagram and here on my blog. If you have been following me also on Instagram ( @yourstylearchitect) you would have caught some of them already.

In my new vision for 2020, I wanted to support more local brands, bespoke and curated fashion and also trying my best to showcase boutiques that offer sustainable fashion. Be it organic materials or resources used in their products and/or recycling or upcycling items.

This gorgeous 100% organic cotton dress is from Jodi Life, which was from their last collection. However there are many similar style "print on print" dresses from their new collection - " A Seat At The Table". I have owned a couple of dresses from Jodi Life and I must say, all of them are unique and so lovely to wear. 

The print on print play as well as the colour combo of pink and red ( which I must admit years ago when I started to love fashion, I always thought this was a taboo to mix pink and red, yet now I love it so much!!) is just so beautiful and the style of the dress cuts a beautiful silhouette. In our tropical weather, this dress is perfect for the beach, for a bbq gathering or dressed up for an outdoor wedding. 

I also wanted to showcase the versatility of this dress by playing around with accessories - such as belts. This way one can keep creating slightly different looks with a single outfit by playing with the various accessories, like jewellery, shoes, bags and belts.

The first look in keeping with playing on the print on print theme, features a twilly scarf by Nala Designs which can be worn in many ways. Here I chose to wear the scarf as a belt ( perfect also with jeans). You can also use this scarf as a head scarf. The second look features a vintage 80s retro leather belt from A Vintage Tale.

Of course, I kept the other accessories simple and to a common colour tone such as white. This lovely pair of bespoke ankle wrap heels from The Tui Collection has dressed up many a looks for me and now they are on a clearance which is such a great deal for what its worth. I love how comfy their shoes are. 

I hope you enjoy this outfit pairing and do let me know which of the above styles you prefer - 1) with the twilly scarf or 2) with the leather belt.

Have a great week ahead.

Simone xoxo