Don't We Love Crop Tops!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

It's a big occasion celebrated here in Hong Kong and already I have heard many firecrackers being set off this morning. Anyway, as we move slowly into Fall/ Autumn, I want to share with you my take on the recent Crop Top look, especially when paired with full skirts which seems to be much of the craze this year.

Had recently worn this outfit at my recent birthday celebrations and am loving the feel of this look!

As a gal with curves, I was never brave enough to try the Bralet or Crop Top trend which was so hot this spring/ summer 2013 simply because I could never imagine that it could hide my physical flaws - if you know what I mean - but little did I realize that once you get the right balance in the top and bottom of the outfit, it actually does do wonders for the figure and more so, this style works well for a variety of body shapes.
Top & Skirt : TOPSHOP

  1. LOOK NO. 1 - Full or A-Line Skirt
As you can see, this ensemble is so reminiscent of the 1950s old Hollywood Glamour, of which the A-Line Skirt helps to cinch in the waist giving it an hourglass figure illusion. Certainly pairing it with a high-waisted A-line skirt would help to hide those slightly bulging tummies and do choose a top that just barely covers the top of the skirt for that elegant touch.

2. LOOK NO. 2  - High Waisted Shorts
 To those who are more into a casual take on this trend, try pairing your crop top with High Waisted shorts. Better still, if it is paired with a matching bottom, this would bring the outfit together with a sophisticated touch.

3. LOOK NO. 3 - Pencil Skirts / Slim Pants
Those lucky enough to have a flat tummy, hourglass curves and slim thighs, this pairing would be ideal for you as it helps to elongate your height. Ideal for petite girls creating a taller frame as a result.

Although this was a hot look for Spring/ Summer 2013, but it is certainly a look which one can easily take into Fall matching it with a Men's Cut Blazer paired with high waisted leather skirt or tights. Or take it even a step further and try matching the long sleeve crop top with a nice tweed or leather shorts. 

Have fun trending the Crop Top into Fall !


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