Summer Pairings - Mint Green & Pink

Saturday, July 28, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Happy weekend everyone! Just watched the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony and boy must it be said, it was choreographed fantastically and what an amazing show! My husband is seriously going on the whole morning " Only the British can do it this well!" ( what an ego!!). I guess all British must be so proud of the way it was organised and rightfully so. The humor interjected in it with Rowan Atkinson ( Mr Bean) & Daniel Craig as the Queen's official bodyguard for her Opening Ceremony appearance was hilarious! Hope you guys enjoyed it too.

Back in Singapore, as the weather heads to greater humidity again, I have decided to highlight more summer pairings for you to play with Summer's fav colours of Mint Green & Striking Pink.

Blazer/ Jacket : H&M ( similar here)
Top/ Bustier : Foster Bay
Jeans : New Look ( similar here)
Shoes : New Look ( similar here)
Accessories : Yellow Stud Bracelet ( similar here) & Origami belt ( similar here)
Bag : Foster Bay 

Have a good weekend ahead and have fun watching the games!


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Colour Me Happy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Hi everyone. Trying my best as promised to keep my posts more consistent. Went out today with Rebecca ( one of the models for Foster Bay) and decided to take some shots as we walked past some cool heritage homes in Singapore.

These Peranakan conservation homes are so retro in feel and colourful in many ways - we just couldn't help but take a couple of shots with such a unique background to work with. As a Peranakan ( Straits Born Chinese), I am proud of my heritage and the culture that is only to be found in Asia particular in Malaysia, Singapore and perhaps a small part of Indonesia. Therefore, the style of homes, architecture and motifs as well as colours are so vibrant and inviting it had to be captured for memory sake. So enjoy....

Top : Forever 21
Bottom : New Look
Cuffs : Far East Plaza
Belts : My own
Bag : Foster Bay
Sandals : My own

 Thanks for reading! See you soon.....


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Style Summer's Neon Trends in Simple Ways

Monday, July 23, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Are you one of those who have been following Summer 2012 trends closely but have yet to try working with the latest NEON colours to add to your wardrobe??? Then have no fear, cos here are some easy ways for you to mix and match neon trends to your Summer Wardrobe on a smaller budget and also done pretty subtly, not that you end up looking too OTT ( Over The Top)!

With Foster Bay's recent launch " Summer Fusion"-  I managed to pick up a couple of neon coloured satchel bags which is the IN bag for summer and in the latest neon colours to spice up your outfits.
Foster Bay's Korean Neon Satchel Bag in Tangerine, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink

Below, I have tried mix and matching with neon belts ( though yet to purchase a neon hued pair of heels) to further add this colour trend to my Summer collection.  Also presenting 2 different ways to wear the neon satchel.

Origami Neon Belts in Yellow & Pink

Hermes Inspired Cuff, Foster Bay's Neon Satchel in Fushia & Sportsgirl Jewelled Necklace.
Calvin Klein Camel Heels & New Look Nude Flats
So what rules of thumb do we follow this trend with, so that we do not end up looking like we are still stuck in the 1980s?

1) Keep it simple and limit up to a maximum of 2 neon colours in an outfit.
2) Try and mix your neon with muted tone items to break up the colour. For those of you who are more daring, you could try mixing a stronger colour e.g royal blue with neon yellow/ pink bag or belt.

3) Personally, I would not go as far as mixing neon colours to my makeup palette,but perhaps for the younger girls ( teens to early 20s) , they could try venturing with a single neon colour to their eye makeup for the day.

4) Neon accented jewelry are fun to play with! I personally am still looking for a neon yellow choker like necklace to add to my collection. Have fun mix and matching but do keep it to a minimal unless you wanna be known as the " 80s girl".

5) Neon nail colours are sooo cute! Go have fun with those....

Enjoy  trending your neon shades soon!


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London Calling 2012 Style Guide

Friday, July 13, 2012 Anonymous 2 Comments

Having been married to a British for over 10 years, it has certainly exposed and got me hook to   British Fashion trends, shows, news... and the list goes on. British designers such as Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and John Galliano are amongst my favourite designers to follow. British stylists such as Gok Wan is so amazing with his creativity and how he can understand a woman's body much more than a woman can! ( How to Look Good Naked)

I am certainly most hooked onto  Sky News or the BBC for my news updates rather than the local newschannels as well as British TV channels such as BBC entertainment, BBC Lifestyle, BBC Knowledge and itvGranada for my all time favourites being Fawlty Towers, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Graham Norton Show, The Secret Millionare, Come Dine With Me and the list goes on...

Recently I have been watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant and celebrations and following the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine ( Katherine) Middleton on her down to earth fashion sense and most importantly, not being afraid to " recycle" her outfits in different situations.

Therefore with the London Olympics opening on 27 July 2012, I am dedicating this post to
" LONDON CALLING 2012" and highlighting a couple of outfits in the colours of the Union Jack that could possibly give you some ideas on how to style for the various parties you will be attending during the Olympic period.


Dress & Shoes : New Look
Bag : old


Dress : H&M
Jacket : Foster Bay's Waterfall Drape Jacket ( similar here)
Belt  & Ring : My own
Gladiator Heels : Rubi / Cotton On


Dress : ASOS ( similar here)
Bag : Gucci
Belt & Union Jack Lips Ring : My own
Gladiator Lace Heels : Rubi / Cotton On 

Thank you for reading and I hope this post will give you some ideas on how to dress up for the Olympics 2012 !

Love, Simone

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How to wear Leopard Print heels with your summer outfits.

Monday, July 09, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Been busy all weekend playing around with a new header and background for my blog. And I finally bought myself my very first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3200 - though am still learning how to use it and take my own outfit shots ( which ain't easy for now!). As I am still learning the ropes on being a blogger and updating the look and feel of my posts so do be patient with me if you see weird stuff going on, as you are reading the posts.

In this post I would like to share bargain steals which I got and how I mix and match them to my summer outfits. Recently I had grabbed a great bargain for a pair of leopard print shoes at a 24hr Department Store - "Mustafa" here in Singapore. Can't imagine why being a Singaporean, I never really took the time and trouble to go and venture into this mall tucked away in Little India. But my dear friend Carla has been telling me about how one needs to keep one's eyes open to find good deals at this store. She even brings guests from overseas there to shop for Linen PJs etc...

So I finally ventured off to Mustafa one recent morning and found so many interesting things there especially my beautiful pair of low heel leopard print shoes for.... { drumroll} ( get ready !!) S$ 16.90 ( US$ 13). Yes!! I couldn't believe it either.


An easy and versatile ensemble to wear about town in this humid tropical climate.

Top : Forever 21 ( similar here)
Bottom : Zara ( similar here)
Bag : Elitrends ( similar here and here)
Shoes : Mustafa ( similar here)
Watch : BCBG Plisse
Ring : Crystal Bow ( similar here)


Weather was a lil cooler today so decided to put on my baggy, torn and washed out boyfriend jeans with the classic white shirt for the day. Added a tribal accented necklace for that summer edge since tribal prints are very IN at the moment.

Hermes Inspired Bag ( my own from Salvo)
Watch : DKNY ( similar here
Tribal accent necklace from Elitrends ( similar here)
Leopard Print Belt from Forever New ( similar here)

Another great buy which I must share with you. It has to be said, the Hermes Birken inspired bag was a STEAL from the Salvation Army for ...[ drumroll again...] US$ 2.50! Yes ! US$ 2.50!! Got it in Florida whilst we were there 7 years ago at a flea mart. I love this bag for it's colour and its durability! I do use it so often as it can carry quite a fair bit in it and yet no signs of it retiring any time soon. Good ole SALVO!!

So you see. For those of you who are afraid to wear animal prints in case it does makes you look like the animal itself, you can easily fashion trend this style by going slow and easy just with accessories.  Honestly, you don't need to blow a large sum of money to fashion trend, so go play around and enjoy Leopard print trending!

Would love for you to share with me on how you leopard print trend with your summer outfits. Better if it comes with a small price tag. Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Simone

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Summer Flower Power - How to Add Floral Prints to your Summer Wardrobe

Wednesday, July 04, 2012 Anonymous 1 Comments

Sorry guys for such a long wait in between my last blog post. It's just been crazy mad this time around dashing about to get our stocks, photoshoot and launch for the Garden of Eden Collection for Foster Bay.

Phew.. finally just able to catch a breather and realise that I have been wanting to blog about the summer trend of floral prints and how to wear it in various styles and trends.

I seem to keep apologising but I have yet to find a photographer to help me take nice Fashion shots of myself in my outfits so its back to good ole me, my Canon Ixus or iPhone and my lovely undying mirror!!!( sob...sob..) Won't be long before I get proper fashion shots taken so please be patient and I will be back to impress!!

LOOK NO. 1 : Floral Tights with Striking Pink Top

Top : H&M, Bottom : H&M Floral Tights,
Shoes : ZARA & Jimmy Choo inspired patent wedges ( similar here & similar here
Cuff Bracelet : Hermes inspired, bought at Far East ( similar here & similar here)

LOOK NO. 2 : Floral Top with High Waist Shorts

This look was suppose to be semi-retro ( 60's) in feel. The top was a Christmas gift from my friend Carla, who knew I always love fashion and anything new ( hee..hee...). So in light of Spring / Summer trends approaching, this was the perfect trendy, lightweight, non-crease top I could easily match with shorts, jeans, or skirt for a meeting. Ideal top to take along for a Summer trip as well.

Here I have paired it with my favourite high waisted flat front panel shorts for Summer together with my cutout wooden wedgies from Japanese online shopping portal - Jipaban.

Necklace : Forever 21
The bright floral prints help to funk up what could have ended up as " grandma's hand me down blouse"! Funny enough with long sleeves, I felt much cooler in beating the recent hot weather than compared to short or sleeveless tops, as it protected me from the sun ( at my age any protection helps otherwise it's pigmentation galore!!!)

Again with the prints being so loud and overbearing, I kept my accessories to a minimum with only a gold knotted necklace for a little dressed up feel otherwise I felt kinda naked round the neckline.

So there you go, 2 trends to wear floral either as a top or as a bottom. So go have fun mix and matching your floral prints this summer!

Love, Simone

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