10 Must-Have Bags to Own...Which is your favourite?

Friday, August 31, 2012 Anonymous 10 Comments

Hi everyone. Another busy week and finally having a few mins downtime before my schedule catches up with me again.

Doing fashion posts has been fun and I know I have a few more tips up my sleeve to present to you however I decided to highlight in this post the top IT bags of 2012 which are my personal favourites and to help you decide on making that all important buy.

Prada Satchel
Kate Spade Satchel

1. Cambridge Satchel
1. The Cambridge Satchel
   The Cambridge satchel has won us over with its simplicity in design and functionality.
   Throughout summer it added that pop of colour and jazz to our outfits which we love
   so much. Several versions of this style of bag made it to the SS 2012 collections of
    major designers e.g Prada, Kate Spade etc.

2. The Celine Mini Luggage
2. Celine Mini Luggage
    My personal favourite - The Celine Mini Luggage which is of a reasonable size to use
   for several occasions and also in its myriad of colours to choose from makes it a popular
   bag for most of us. Classy and cute with it's " Smiley" face, the fact that there is many
   inspired versions out there in the stores says it all.

3. Celine Trapeze Bag
 3. Celine Trapeze Bag
     This year has been a good year for Celine, releasing 2 popular IT bags this
     Spring/ Summer 2012 season. Besides the Mini Luggage, the other much
     coveted bag is the Trapeze for its cute design and yet spacious enough for
    daily use. Again the play of mix and match colours make this an interesting bag to own.

4. Zara Plaited Shopper Bag
4. ZARA Plaited Shopper Bag
   The ZARA plaited shopper bag is our next best bet for those especially on a  slightly
   tighter budget and yet need a functional, classy but  pocket friendly designer bag.
  The plaited detailing on the carry strap adds that twist of chic-ness to an otherwise plain
   looking bag. The beautiful colours it comes in has made it a sought after bag this season.
5. Louis Vuitton Jelly Basket
5. Louis Vuitton Jelly Basket
    Louis Vuitton did something different this season with the patent leather version
   of a plastic shopping basket. This bag has both the fabulous AND fun factor.

6. Versace Stud Bag
6. Versace
    This VERSACE bag has a hint of Balenciaga with the stud embellishments and
    perhaps overdoing it a tad, but alluring in its own way. Rebel Chic!

7. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag
7. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag
    I first came across this Alexander Wang bag on a celebrity blog site and fell
    in love with it immediately. It's simple and classic design was up an edge with
    the studs at the base. Celebrities all over Hollywood are digging this bag ( as
    seen above on Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Tisdale). This bag wins 2 thumbs
    up from me.

8. Gucci 1970 Bag
8. The Gucci 1970
   The Gucci 1970 is another must-have bag for 2012. With metallic caps coming to
    the forefront in fashion e.g metal capped collars, toe capped heels... now this graphic
    gold plaques add a sense of art decor to this vintage piece whilst the gold tassel gives
    it a hint of 1920s flavour to the bag. Gucci has also launched a python print version
    which combines Spring / Summer 2012 animal print trend with this classic design.

9. YSL Cabas Chyc
9. YSL Cabas Chyc
    Although this was a 2011 favourite but for it's elegant and practical design, I
   decided to add this to the list. Hollywood celebrities have certainly fallen in love with
   this bag and hence a highly recommended option.

10. Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in Leather
10. Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Bag in Leather
     Ah... and the final runner up to the Top 10 bags to own for SS 2012 is the
     Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in Leather. This style of bag known for its versatility
    and functionality has been seen on almost every other lady walking down the street
    but in its widely popular nylon version. Thus I was up in arms to welcome the
    introduction of the leather version to up the ente for this hot favourite, sealing it
    with a classy edge.

So which is your favourite?



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  1. The Cambridge Satchel is my favorite. I wish for the pink one!

  2. I think the "Celine" bag is my favourite! I am not really one for a colourful purse. I prefer neutral or black colours for my bag!!!

  3. I love that Kate Spade satchel in brown! So cute!

  4. I love the The Cambridge Satchel. It is quite beautiful.

  5. my favorite is Celine Mini Luggage because it is a perfect size for me!

  6. Love the Versace Stud Bag, but they're all really nice! Thanks for sharing

  7. I really love the Cambridge Satchel.Perfect!

  8. I love the Celine mini luggage. They are all so nice though!

  9. I love the green and black combo., but it would have to be smaller.