Spot The Owl Contest ( Part 3 of 3)

Sunday, February 10, 2013 Anonymous 3 Comments

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

So much has happen upon my return from Florida/ London recently so again I do apologise for the delay in the 3rd instalment of my " Spot The Owl" Contest. Obviously there are 2 very large news I wish to share with all of you!

However,as we are still not in the liberty to break the news just yet, I will be updating all of you on these 2 BIG PIECES of news soon.( stop guessing.... I am not pregnant!)

Meanwhile, enjoy the last instalment pics of my contest and do remember to comment so that you will be up in the running for a Steve Madden ID & Mobile Phone holder if you get all locations of my owl in ALL 3 instalments correct! Happy hunting!!

Wishing all my Asian friends, prosperity, good luck, happiness, good health and success in all that you do for the Year of the Snake 2013!!!


Top ( Inner) : Cotton On
Bottom : J. Crew Jeans
Sweater : Goodwill Thrift Shop ( US$ 2 - can you believe it???)
Belt : Goodwill Thrift Store ( US$ it!)
Cuff : My own ( old)
Watch : CASIO

Have a great lunar new year and I will be announcing the winner on 17 Feb 2013!

Much love,

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