Money, Money Money :: Black Maxi Dress + Statement Brass Beaten Coin Necklace

Sunday, April 26, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Dress : The Fashion Pulpit ( check them out here)
Heels : Saks Fifth Avenue ( similar here)
Necklace : House of Rajput ( get it here)
Bag : A Vintage Tale ( similar here)
Ring : Shein ( similar here)
Hey everyone,

I have been pretty busy the last week working with local brands and businesses which require so much of our support at this time. Anything I could do to help I was more than happy to since we are all still on an extended Circuit Breaker / Lockdown in Singapore.

If you have been following me on Instagram, I had showcased this gorgeous necklace from House of Rajput with a short " How To Style" video on this, but here it is for those of you who are not following me on that platform. This stunning piece made up of brass beaten coins reflecting roman style motifs is such a gorgeous statement piece to dress up any outfit. In this post, I am showcasing the formal look however I will bring you the casual / dress down look shortly. However you can check it out on my Instagram feed and IGTV which I will highlight the link below.

House of Rajput,  is a multi-label contemporary jewellery brand based here in Singapore. They work with independent jewellery designers and artisans from India to bring India's rich heritage of craftsmanship to the world.  Noticing a gap for affordable bespoke statement jewellery in Singapore, Jia of House of Rajput wanted to create an accessories one-stop shop and curate a selection of statement pieces showcasing these gorgeous pieces at affordable prices - with the mindset of empowering women!

Back to the necklace, this stunning piece comes in 3 options of colour and they use 100% vegan leather in the production of this piece. I love how the length of the necklace could be adjusted for one to wear it more choker style against a high collared outfit or perhaps lower to highlight the décolletage of a low neck outfit.

This maxi dress was a swop from The Fashion Pulpit and I am so glad to have gotten it! It worked perfectly with this necklace and kept the look, simple yet elegant. Keeping the look vintage in line with the necklace, I paired it with a midollino bag from A Vintage Tale and kept my shoes simple and classic from Saks.

For first time customers, House of Rajput is offering a 10% off your first purchase and they do ship worldwide so do go and check them out for their beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to call your own!

Now most ladies may be a little worried about trending statement necklaces as they do not wish to look like a Christmas Tree during the day time or wondering how often can they wear such necklaces out and about - only to reserve it for special occasions. However I kid you not, paired with the right outfit, you can easily trend and style this gorgeous necklace for daytime wear as well. You can get a short preview of the casual look on my video but do stay tune for the post.

Meanwhile, do follow me on Instagram to enjoy my many " How To Style" videos. And here is the link below for the looks I have featured this necklace on.

I hope you enjoyed the video and watch this space for more exciting jewellery pieces coming your way soon from House of Rajput.

Simone xoxo

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Triple Blossom Look feat. Amplio Beauty

Saturday, April 18, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 2 Comments

Jumpsuit : Lim's Holland Village ( similar here & here
Belt : A Vintage Tale ( shop here)
Earrings : Lustre Jewellery ( get it here)
Jacket : (past season) River Island ( similar here & here)
Bag : Mango ( similar here & here)
Heels : ( past season) Charles & Keith ( similar here)
Makeup : Amplio Beauty ( get it here

Hello my good people !

I bet many of you are like me - staying at home and basically in a lockdown mode still. I have been feeling quite sluggish and lazy, just busy cooking, cleaning and with everyone home somehow I feel like I have so much to do and so little time for my passion and for myself. So, I have been trying to find my mojo back and indeed the motivation comes from knowing I can still support my favourite local brands from the comfort of my own home.

Many of these smaller boutiques and retail outlets are suffering especially as retail shopping is not an ESSENTIAL and hence many of them are not able to open their stores during this lockdown period. Nonetheless, with the easy access of online shopping, you can still do your little part to support your local brands and let them know you still care. Many of them are also giving back to society from their online sales e.g a certain % going to buy a meal for those in 3rd world countries or perhaps to support healthcare workers or provide PPE gear for healthcare workers and so forth. Many are also putting some contributions towards supporting low income families to tie over this volatile period. So whilst you enjoy a little pick me up from home, know you are also helping someone that needs your help too through your online purchases and giving back to society.

Back to this look, I was sent this pretty pair of earrings from @shoplustre ( Lustre Jewellery). This gorgeous cascading triple flower blossoms which ends at the end with a beautiful pearl is such a statement piece to style. Like a little surprise at the end of a rainbow, I need not say more - for many of you would know - MORE IS MORE! So a full on evening look was what I had in mind to showcase these earrings!Also in today's post,  I wanted to showcase to you a range of beauty products from newly launched Amplio Beauty by Nmita where she has a gorgeous range of palettes to choose from, not forgetting a must-have beauty product - her Lip Stylo and Lipstays.

Keeping it line with the Grecian Goddess vibe I am getting from pairing these gorgeous floral earrings, I decided to continue to add a gold touch to the outfit by cinching the waist with this vintage scale patterned stretch belt from A Vintage Tale. My favourite go-to vintage boutique here in Singapore, they are now hosting a 50% off online this weekend and this gorgeous belt was one of my flash sale buys at the store. The jacket was a past season item from River Island of which this 80s style puff shoulders were such a rage then and now it's all coming back again full cycle. A perfect blazer to add sophistication to any outfit. And finally a pair of platform keyhole leather pumps to complete the look, with a small top handle bag. It's like an 80s revival but yet classic enough to style in the 2020s.

As this is an evening look, therefore this smokey style eye makeup is from the same Tropical Singapore palette which I have used to style for my casual day looks. Naturally pairing it with Amplio's divine Lip Stylos and Lipstays was a no brainer. Keeping the look sophisticated and classic,  I chose the Ruby Berry Lip Stylo and Lipstay to complete my makeup.  It was so smooth in its application and I could even use the Lip Stylo to colour in my lips for longer lasting base wear and it does not feel or appear dry at all. I love this dark shade of burgundy red - very seductive!!

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have viewed my IGTV on the "One Outfit - 3 Makeup looks"  featuring Amplio Beauty products. This was my third look featured on the video where I chose to create 3 different looks for a locally bought cotton jumpsuit and mix and match lip stays from Amplio Beauty to inspire you on how to play with makeup for different looks to an outfit. Here's the video below if you had missed it.

I hope you will find this makeup review useful and if you are based in Singapore, why not pamper yourselves during this Circuit Breaker period and add some colour to your life with a beautiful Lipstay from Amplio Beauty. If accessories are more of your thing - check out Lustre Jewellery for an amazing range of statement jewellery. They are hosting a tiered sale over and on top of their current sale items which is just too good to be true - items up to 50% off! So why don't you take
this chance to grab a gorgeous piece to add to your wardrobe seeing that many of these sale pieces will not be repeated again in their new collections and definitely not at this great and affordable price range.

So, enjoy this post and meanwhile stay safe and stay positive guys!

Simone xoxo

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Put My Face Mask On And Rumba !

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Dress : Erika Peña ( get it here & here
Twilly Scarf : Nala Designs  / Just Gayas ( get it here )
Bag : Ebay Store : marchforthlove 
Earrings : Hooks and Hoops ( get it here
Shoes : Ria Menorca ( get it here
Ring : Lovisa 
Face Mask : Al.Ma.Lu ( get it here)

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all still keeping safe and staying healthy! We are now a week into our "Circuit Breaker" in Singapore of which we are all advised to stay home and hunker down till 4 May 2020 in the hope of flattening the curve. 

Of course, I have been on my own self imposed stay at home notice since the last week of March and so you can imagine, how dreary I am feeling by now, not having had the chance to do my outdoors shoots and styling or even to venture out for a cup of coffee at the local cafe. However, as "your style architect" I constantly look for ways to " build" new looks, to bring you trending styles and fashion no matter what the situation is and what is more trending now than ever before are Fabric Washable Face Masks!!

First, I must say -  a true pity with such gorgeous weather outdoors over the last week that I just had to don one of my favourite designers  - Erika Peña and feel good again. This gorgeous Bata Rumba long dress is just the perfect maxi dress length for me to style with my pop of colour, red suede Ria Menorca wedges that is available here in Singapore at Binibeca Fashion boutiques. The flowing long tiered dress can be worn on its own - light and free. However, keeping the red pop of colour consistent throughout this look, I started building a different twist to this dress by pairing it with a gorgeous red vintage midollino bag and cinching the dress at the waist for a more polished look with this  red accented patterned twilly from Nala Designs / Just Gayas. Finally, this look is rounded off with this floral reversible fabric face mask by Al.Ma.Lu boutique. 

I love how these face masks arrived in little draw string pouches with a little card inserted which mentions what song was listened to whilst my specific mask was made. The reversible masks also has a twist of a little embroidered flower or embellishment sewn onto one corner of the mask to give it that feminine touch. Martina who owns Al.Ma.Lu keeps things real by offering face masks in designs for men as well as for children, and the myriad of patterns and colours  just makes you want to keep going back for more. In light that this is indeed a good practise to wear  face masks when one is out (especially during this pandemic period and perhaps months beyond as we slowly regain normalcy in our lives), it would be a great idea to have a couple of various designs so you can mix and match them with your wardrobe and outfits, just as you would with your handbags and accessories. Who knows? This could be the start of a new trend that is to stay for a long time coming.

I hope you enjoyed this look and do feel free to share with me what you are doing to stay trendy whilst quarantined at home?

Simone xoxo

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Trending On My Balcony :: Comfy Cotton Dress + Red Suede Wedges

Friday, April 03, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 1 Comments

Dress : Peacock Pastel ( get it here
Shoes : Ria Menorca / Binibeca Fashion ( get it here
Bag : Miuccia Studio ( get it here
Earrings : Halo Halo Bebe ( sold out) ( similar here
Cuff : old gift ( similar here & here
Hat : old ( similar here & here)

Hey everyone,

Its Day #14 for me having started to practise and seriously take into account social distancing and my self imposed stay at home notice. It's been a little trying cos you know how much I love to be out and about taking my photos in various settings outdoors and just to go visit my favourite brands to land my support ( emotionally as well as maybe even helping their business in purchasing an item or 2)  in their retail outlets. However with the increase number of community spread that we are now facing in our second wave of this pandemic here in Singapore, everyone of us needs to do our part to ensure that we can stop this vicious cycle. What is this little inconvenience when others are fighting for their lives!!

So here I am, stuck at home and feeling that itch to start putting shoots together again. Hence, I decided to style this gorgeous dress today on my balcony. This beautiful cotton dress was sent me a while ago by Pastel Peacock. Started by Pooja Patel who is a fashion designer based in Ahmedabad, India, I love the block print on the hemline of this outfit and the cotton fabric is such a welcome treat for such hot weather these days in Singapore.

As you know me, more is more -  and so I had to add on my little personal touches to finish off this classic cut dress by pairing it with my leather vintage belt from The Tui Collection, my all time favourite pair of earrings from Halo Halo Bebe, this gorgeous rattan bag from Miuccia Studio and of course the pop of colour with my Fire Engine Red Lipstick and this pair of their latest collection  Ria Menorca wedges from Binibeca Fashion.

Feeling that vibe of Audrey Hepburn in this classic style swing dress that's so perfect for summer -  this look had to be paired with a wide brim summer hat to complete the look. Inspired by the tribal style print on the dress, this pair of cuffs given to me for my birthday ( let me think about 8-10 years ago ) adds that final touch to seal the deal!!

I hope you enjoyed this look and remember - stay safe and stay indoors!

Simone xoxo

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