How to Style Your Basic T-Shirt.

Friday, October 26, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

It's the weekend again everyone! I was waiting anxiously to get some downtime to blog again but it was a crazy mad week. With Connor being taken ill with a high fever and my busy work schedule catching up tending to Connor for a couple of days, hence been so swarmed and before you know it - there you go.... the weekend comes around again and another week has passed!

Can't believe we are already hitting the end of October for 2012! My god, where did time fly to? This past week, we have been really excited reviewing samples of our Foster Bay manufactured label items for our Xmas and New Year collection which had just arrived. We had also just completed our "Autumn Rhapsody II" collection's photoshoot launching soon on 1 November 2012 with a new  and lovely face - Sarah H. as our model this time around. Seeing ourselves evolving slowly to the next level in such a short spate of time has been such a ride. A few tweaks still required with suppliers and honestly we can't wait for it to be launched.

Meanwhile since I have been running around so much for the new collection as well as for arranging stuff in view of my impending long break to UK and USA in Dec'12 - Jan'13 so I have been just throwing on jeans/shorts with basic tee almost all week long.  Although many bloggers out there have covered this post on " How To Style Your Basic Tee" but I thought I would like to give my take on it as well.

V Neck T-Shirt : My own, Old 
Tweed Jacket : Amber Avenue 
Paisley Print Skirt : H&M
Necklace : My own, old.
Shoes : Zalora

Here are a few LOOKS you can achieve with just your basic tee.



 Do share with me your further thoughts and ideas on how to trend the basic tee.

Have a great weekend ahead!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Anonymous 2 Comments

Off to lunch with the girls and decided to put together this OOTD, the highlight being my metallic jeans.

Have always wanted to trend this style but nervous, as it can look quite " Tin Man" from Wizard of Oz if styled wrongly or a little over the top to feel comfortable in it. This trend seems to always be the next season's big trend. It was showcased in Givenchy, Ferragamo and Herve Leger SS 2012 collections where gold, silver and bronze was used in their designs and fabrics.

Now for Fall 2012, it again seems to be hot in trend but this time perhaps taking a slight twist where liquid metallics is the favourite look to style in. Fluid, molten-like it is most recently seen in tights/ leggings where it literally looks like a wet suit on. Strong also in shoes, bags and accessories, the metallic trend is still deem as SS 2013 look to have.

Could have just jumped straight into the pool with that outfit cos it was such a warm humid day!
It's been really hot and humid these couple of days in Singapore and I just needed something cool and comfy to wear. Hence decided to pair the metallic jeans with a cool cotton top which has metallic studs on it to trend the look.
Top : Cotton On
Jeans : Cotton On
Shoes : GUESS ( old)
Clutch : Femmex
Necklace : c/o Rebecca ( thanks !)
 Here are a few LOOKS I have put together for you to trend the metallic look given we are heading into the festive period - so you have full permission to go all out and wear those metallics without anyone saying a word!

LOOK No. 2
LOOK No. 3

LOOK No. 4

Metallic items you may wish to have in your wardrobe.
Get this look for $734+ on Lookastic: Tan Leopard Suede Clutch, Gold Leather Pumps, White Peasant Blouse, and Gold Necklace

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Carpenter And Cook - Vintage Home Store & Artisan Bakery

Sunday, October 14, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Call me country bumpkin but whilst I am sure many of you would have already tried out, tasted and enjoyed the ambience of Carpenter and Cook - a vintage home store and artisan bakery located at Bukit Timah in Singapore, this was certainly my first visit to this unique cafe. Introduced to it by Cheryl who took me there, of course I had to do a fashion post whilst out in this unique store( please see my outfit of the day below).

 Opened in mid 2012 by 3 good friends ( Pheobe, Shenn & Eunice) who wanted to make the collection of vintage stuff and furniture something bigger  than just personal collectables. Hence the concept of Carpenter and Cook was born, where they could fill a whole shop with vintage stuff and yet feed people with delicious cakes and bakes.

In all honesty, it is not the first of such concept cafes here in Singapore, however what had me thrilled with this particular place was that even the sitting arrangement was so relax. Although there were individual 2 or 3 seater tables, however groups of people were expected to share the larger tables. My friend Cheryl and I had to share a table with a group of girls who are from Lasalle College of Arts, majoring in Fashion Business and we ended up chatting away and enjoying each others' company. It is certainly one of those quaint places in the midst of a residential estate that makes it so unique and attractive. Less commercial in feel perhaps and more homely and friendly in terms of service and presentation.
Our new friends from Lasalle College of Arts.

Cheryl and I enjoying our Brioche and Quiche...yum yum!!
What caught my eye and attention to this unique Patisserie is that every plate, cup and saucer is different and all handpicked by the 3 beautiful owners. Waiting numbers are kids tool box kit of screwdriver, hammers or kitchen utensils etc.. tied to a vintage tin cup with a number on it.
Calling cards are done uniquely like vintage price tags.
For those of you who are truly into vintage furniture and collectables, you will be thrilled to note that every item you see in this cafe is available for sale. Here are a few glimpses. They also provide services such as for parties, styling services, vintage props and decor for weddings, parties and even photoshoots.

 Food selection is a little limited as it's not a restaurant per se, however key favourites such as the Fruit Tarts, Brioche, Quiche was certainly tasty.  

Unique tables out of old sewing machines
Check out the cute school desks outside the Cafe.
Lace Jacket : H&M
Fringe Skirt : ZASS
Ring : Quiet Riot
Necklace : Amber Avenue
Shoes : Old, own

I for one certainly enjoyed my afternoon tea at Carpenter and Cook and will certainly be back for more. Hope to see you there soon!

Carpenter and Cook
Operating hours are:
Tuesdays - Fridays: 12pm - 10pm
Saturdays: 10am - 10pm
Sundays: 10am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays
( Contact details please refer to pic on Calling Card above) 

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Statement Necklace Trends To Follow 2012- 2013

Saturday, October 06, 2012 Anonymous 9 Comments

Happy Weekend everyone.

Having done a post recently on the 10 Must-Have Bags to own for 2012, this post is a natural progression to the next level to complete the " Must Have" lists of necklaces to own and match with your trending wardrobe to set you apart from the masses.

Spanning a broad spectrum of styles and colours, SS 2013 jewelry trend  as showcased by key designers e.g Marc Jacobs in the recent NY & Milan Fashion Week is all about being bold, loud and in some designs classic with a vintage feel.

Here are some trending guidelines to follow when you purchase your next statement necklace.

 Choker Necklaces

Kim Kardashian in her choker metal necklace.
1. Rox Collar Metal Plate ( get it here)
2.  Zoe Gold Choker ( get it here)
3. Sierra Reptile Choker ( get it here)
I love my choker necklace!

As you can see in several of my earlier posts, my favourite to date is the heavy 1 piece metal choker necklace which I often try to create different looks with it. This necklace exudes a kind of cleopatra, goddess like feel yet somehow edgy. I also enjoy layering this simple necklace with others to create a totally different feel to my outfits.
Floral Necklaces

2013 Statement Jewelry Trend
Oscar De La Renta & Lanvin to name a few key designers have brought in strong, bold and floral necklaces for Fall Winter 2012 and Spring Summer 2013. 


 Blue Necklaces
 Blue is the colour to go for in colour trending for your necklaces.
Try and choose a shade of blue which is stronger and sharper  such as cobalt blue or turquoise to add that punch of colour to lift the mood of an outfit or even to bring out the coloured tones of an already colourful outfit.

1. Arrowhead Necklace ( Aqua Blue) - ( get it here)
2. Floral Bib Necklace ( get it here)
3. Tint Wooden Gold Necklace ( get it here)

Photo courtesy of
 Gothic & Futuristic
Futuristic shapes and designs using a myriad of materials such as stone, metal and plastic was a hot favourite for Fashion Week. Likewise, Spikes, Skulls and Crosses are very much in trend too.


J.Lo wearing a cross pendant necklace.
Spike Ribbon Gold & Black Necklace ( get it here)
Different ways of wearing a feather necklace.
Play with textures with a unique feather necklace to accessorise your outfit. Go for just a simple feather pendant necklace like Vanessa Hudgens above, if you are afraid to look like you may have just slaughtered a chicken( giggling....)
Geometric Patterns
I personally feel Nicole Richie had a hand in making geometric pattern a big trend in necklaces especially with her House Of Harlow necklace. This infamous design was so popular that numerous versions of this necklace started to flood the market.
Nicole Richie in her House Of Harlow Geometric Necklace
1. Orange Geometric Necklace ( similar here)
2. Rocco Aztec Necklace ( similar here)
3. Resin Black & White Triangle Necklace ( similar here)

Sophia Monochrome Necklace ( get it here)

Maxi Necklace
The beauty of this style of necklace lies in its bold and strong effect.
Covering the neck and chest most certainly glams up a basic outfit.
Often it's worn on simple and plain fabric tops e.g cotton t-shirts, under plain shirts to create
a true statement.
Rachel Weave Ribbon Necklace ( get it here)
Jessica Alba & Olivia Palermo in their Maxi Necklace.
Styles of Maxi Collars.


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