How to Wear Leather for Fall'12 in Asia?

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Hi Everyone.
What comes to mind when you think of Leather outfits?
Probably a cool climate ( hence a need for a leather jacket),
rock chick( sniggering....) or perhaps something kinky to use
in the bedroom? ( more sniggering...)
Well, here in Singapore, we certainly DO NOT wear leather to keep ourselves warm, nor
for most of us perhaps using leather in the bedroom may be a tad too funky ( the Asian
speaking in me!). However Leather as you know is a key Fall trend for 2012, so how can we
style it to be chic yet not biker chick if you know what I mean, unless you are truly getting on
a Harley Davidson and riding off to the sunset!
 LOOK NO. 1 - Pairing it with Heels, Statement Necklace and Bag
I wanted to explore playing with textures and prints in my Look No. 1. Piling on 2 funky necklaces, a printed sleeveless top with a checkered plaid corset, a simple leather skirt could easily be worn to the office or out about town with this getup.
LOOK NO. 2 - Wedges & Belt
Sleeveless Daisy Print Top : New Look
Corset : Topshop ( similar here)
Leather Skirt : eBay UK ( similar here)
Heels with Gold Studs : River Island
Bag : Chanel Jumbo XL ( Vintage)
Ring : Forever 21
Gold Choker Necklace : Cotton On ( similar here)
Spike Necklace : Foster Bay
In this second styling, I had toned down the feel of the same outfit just by removing the statement necklaces as well as cinching in the waist with a skinny belt which is probably a cuter way to wear this outfit especially if you are younger.
I had also replace the heels with a pair of black suede wedges.
Here's how Hollywood Celebrities are wearing this trend.
So you can see how easy it is to play around with prints, textures to trend
Leather for Fall 2012 in Asia.
Have fun,

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