VIDEO : How To Style Pencil Skirts for Work

Thursday, February 26, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 10 Comments

Hi everyone.

Was recently approached to provide styling tips on pencil skirts for work and I figured, it would be a nice topic to highlight and share with you seeing Spring is here and the weather is certainly warming up to warrant us showing our gorgeous legs again!

Personally pencil skirts is a style I love for skirts that instantly makes one look taller and creates that perfect slimming silhouette. So enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more styling tips to come.


Look No. 1
Top : H&M // Skirt : Zara  // Gladiator Heels : // Bag : Miu Miu // Bib Necklace: old
Nude Heels : BCBG // Clutch : Cotton On // Jeweled Necklace : old ( similar here)

Look No. 2
Peplum Top : Zara // Skirt : Zara // White Blazer : H&M // Heels : Christian Louboutin // Bag : Zara
Necklace : old ( similar here)

Look No. 3
Top : H&M // Skirt : Zara // Bag : Chanel // Heels : ALDO // Earrings : old // Jewelry : old

Look No. 4
Shirt : H&M // Skirt : Zara // Bag : Celine // Heels : BCBG // Necklace : //
Bracelet : Target

I hope you enjoyed this video and see you again soon!

Simone xoxo

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Happy Lunar New Year - Year of the Goat!

Friday, February 20, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 29 Comments

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

As we enter the Year of the Goat with much festivities,lion dances, eating and drinking... here's some pics I managed to shoot whilst out with the family for a beautiful New Year's eve dinner.

Whilst red is the chosen colour by many for this auspicious period, I decided to go for a much pleasant shade of pastel pink for a change this year. This Whistles dress was a gift and I love the flowing silhouette of this outfit - very giving, especially when one needs to hide that tummy after a big dinner.

So, traditionally for Chinese / Lunar New Year, most of us would seek out some form of zodiac reading to determine what lies ahead for us for 2015 ( Year of the Goat). For those of you who are not as familiar with the Chinese Zodiac calendar, we have 12 Zodiac signs named after certain animals and there is a folklore behind why only these animals are represented in the chinese zodiac of 12 year cycles. They are namely: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig. You can find your zodiac sign based on your year of birth HERE.

Often with your zodiac signs, you will learn what you should or should not do for the year e.g career wise, luck in love and even simple things like what colours you should be using for the year to bring the most out of the year for your star sign. Compatibility signs with your partners are often indicated giving some direction to those die hard believers.

So, what are your wishes for the Year of the Goat? Personally for me, good health is always the most important followed by happiness, love and finally success in all I do.

So to add a little trivia to chinese superstition, I had great laughs with my friends over this topic recently and figured it would be fun to share with you. Do you know what your moles on your body signify for you and if it can tell your fortune?

Check out the significances here in this article by The Daily Mail - Click Here!  Hope you find some interesting facts about the moles on your body! 

Wishing one and all a year of blessings and good health!!

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Simone xoxo
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H&M GIVEAWAY & Great Date Outfits !!

Friday, February 13, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 13 Comments

It's the eve of Valentine's Day! Ahh... Romance is in the air....

So to kick off 2015 and a great Valentine's Day, I have collaborated with a few of my blogger friends to bring you this fantastic H&M Giveaway in celebration of this special occasion. Not forgetting my lovely readers from Asia - wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year, which is just 'round the corner. So what better way to celebrate any occasion - let's go shopping!!

A lace kinda girl, I certainly love lace dresses in particular or outfits trimmed with lace details which for me excudes full-on feminism and sexiness. Couple that with gorgeous accessories and you got your guy eating out of your hand!!

Here are some lovely outfits I found on H&M online which will certainly help you shop with your US$ 300 gift card. It's all about hot dates, sexy nights for the month of February.

H&M Lace Dress // H&M Cuff Bracelet // H&M Earrings
H&M Lace Dress // H&M Hoop Earrings // H&M Chain Bracelet
Personally, pencil skirts to me is such an elegant skirt style -  slimming, conservative to a certain extent and yet the light skimming of the curves of a woman's hips just spells a subtle hint of sexiness. Victoria Beckham is one who looks soo good in pencil skirts or dresses of that style and length - it's hard not to be influenced.

H&M Sleeveless Dress // H&M Rhinestone Earrings // H&M Clutch // H&M 7 Stack Ring Set
If pencil skirts are not your style, try this dress out then, with that fun and flirty feel, who can ever resist you?
H&M Sleeveless Dress// H&M Earrings // H&M Bangle
I hope you find the above styleboards which I had put together inspiring and to help you achieve great style at great prices!

So for the details of this giveaway :

Prize: $300 H&M Gift Card
Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!
Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 6 March 2015, and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.
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Wishing you the best of luck and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Simone xoxo

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So In Love With Red :: Plaid Coat and Red Knitted Jumper

Thursday, February 05, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 26 Comments

Hi everyone,

Ah... February! The month of all things RED - Chinese New Year ( Red being the colour of good luck) and of course Valentine's Day! The smell of love in the air is so intoxicating as soon as the month switches from January...funny though how most people would breeze through the year with little expressions of love for their partners and only till Valentine's Day or in the month of February would everything just suddenly come to life!!

Ok, I am not a cynical person about the commercialisation of Valentine's Day but seriously, do you need to only take your partner out on V-Day itself? I am a person who love spontaneity. Of course it's always very lovely to have some romantic getaway pre planned etc but I love the idea of that special someone just calling and say " Pack your bags and we're off in an hour for some fun". One can dream right? Though after so many years of marriage, with the dog, kid and routines, it's pretty impossible to be just that spontaneous but the world would be a much better place and relationships would be so much more enriching if we could just be.....

So what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

It was quite chilly this morning with the temperature dropping much lower out here in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Am literally blasting my speakers off with the greatest hits of Tears for Fears ( my ultimate favourite band of all time!) whilst writing this post and what more appropriate song than " Sowing The Seeds of Love" going on in the background, candle burning on the side, The mood's slowly being set.

I recall with fondness when I was in school, for every Valentine's Day, I would go buy cellophane paper and lots of candies and chocolates and make little bundles with a heart shape card for each of my girlfriends, telling them how much I love them for being my besties! So for those single girls out there - don't get dishearten or lock yourself up during this time! Go and have loads of fun and enjoy the love of your best mates!!

For those of you in a relationship, don't wait to tell your partner only once a year how much he/she means to you! Do something different with them, remember how you guys met and take him/ her to that special place. Re-live that moment... tell him/her how you felt the moment you knew that there was something " special" there! The first time you touched...

Remember how in my last post of 2014, I mentioned I was so disheartened in 2014 and had so many frustrations thinking what else is going to happen next? I wasn't sure if 2015 would be much better and it has finally started to look up for me. Thanks for some of your encouraging words and for many of my friends - your lovely friendships that money can never buy. Your listening ear and your support for my causes and adventures in life means so much to me.

So here's Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Will end off with some fun shots ( with Cookie as usual) to brighten your day!

Turtleneck : old ( similar here) // Red Jumper : old ( similar here)
Coat : Kit Kat ( similar here) // Jeans : Uniqlo ( similar here)
Bag: Coach Legacy  // Boots : Stage by Playlord ( similar here)
Watch : Michael Kors // Bangle : Tiffany ( get look for less here)

Simone xoxo
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Jewelry Trends for Spring/ Summer 2015 ( featuring Keada's Kloset)

Sunday, February 01, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 6 Comments

Happy weekend everyone.

Keshay from Keada's Kloset recently dropped me a note seeing that we had a successful collaboration the last time and was hoping to work together again. I decided to run a couple of ideas by her and we both agreed our readers would certainly love to have an idea of the Jewelry Trends for Spring/ Summer 2015.

I have narrowed down these to my Top 10 Favourite trends and of course you can always find a piece to style from Keada's Kloset.

1) Ring Stacks

This year, the trend is to space out the stacking of your rings in larger volumes or on different fingers at different levels. Knuckle rings are the hottest favourite now.

I found these pretty pieces available at Keada's Kloset which will certainly add that chic element to your outfit.

Clockwise from top left : Cinderella Ring, Double Ex Ring, Gold Exquisite Rings & Double Stacked Rings

2) Bejewelled or Vintage 

It's all about colour and going bold. Mixing and matching beads and jewels with unique designs and shapes creating elegant, uber luxurious pieces or eclectic statement jewelry no one can miss.

Here are my favourites from Keada's Kloset :

Clockwise from top left : Dropping Flowers, Sunrise Necklace, Megan Crystal Set & Gray Flower Necklace
I also came across these Cocktail Rings which was perfect in resonating the Vintage vibe/ trend in statement jewelry. So if necklaces are not your thing, try keeping in style with these beautiful cocktail rings.

Black Dominature , Formica Dome & Simply Magnificent

3) Statement Earrings 

Whilst 2014 saw an increase in funky earrings e.g Dior 2 way pearl earrings as well as Ear Cuffs, 2015 earring trend seems to be getting bolder and larger. It's seriously all about making a statement!

Quirky designs and large geometric pieces seems to be the way to go. Found these cool designs from Keada's collections :

Clockwise from top left : Dream Catcher Earrings, Wing Post Earrings, Dagger Earrings & Twisted Beyond Say Earrings

4) Fur / Feather

A favourite material this year for accessories, with Fendi setting the trend last year with furry bag charms, this year we see fur being incorporate in many of our Statement Jewelry Pieces. Cool and creative, feathers and fur is definitely a trend to watch for this year.

5) Chokers

Chokers for 2015 comes revived with new edge. In a myriad of textures and styles such as tube, acrylic, geometric or jewel pieces, Spring/ Summer 2015 would be the perfect time to style your outfits with these chunkier and funkier pieces.

Grab these trendsetting chokers/ necklaces from Keada's Kloset.

Fireworks Necklace, Princess Royalty Choker & Sitting Pretty Necklace

6) Chains

Chains, Chains, Chains ! In various forms, oversize and chunky, delicate and layered, minimalistic or luxurious. 2015 Spring/ Summer will see you trending these styles to compliment your various outfits and looks.

Find easy mix and match pieces for your different tastebuds to style this trend from Keada's Kloset.

Clockwise from Top Left : Chain Triple Link Bracelet, Monica Pave Necklace, Trina Hematite Necklace,
Chain Latch Link Bracelet, Two Toned Necklace Set & Tiered Lion Head Necklace.

7) Bohemian

With the seventies influences in outfits for Spring/ Summer 2015 as highlighted in my earlier post on " 10 Must Haves for Spring Wardrobe" likewise, try trending your outfits with Bohemian style jewelry for that hippy flair.

Found these pieces worth buying to trend the hippy chic look.

Nola Bracelet & Bohemian Necklace

8) Gold

Do you  only wear silver jewelry? Why not try this Spring / Summer 2015 to break out of your comfort zone and trend gold pieces with your outfits and see what a difference it can make.

Keada's Kloset has such a varied choice of chunky statement jewelry and minimalistic layered necklaces for your pick.

Clockwise from Top Left : Golden Glitter Double Necklace, Bar Layered Necklace, Loop Lariat Necklace
& Kimbella Gold Set

9) Statement Cuffs & Bracelets

Statement cuffs and bracelets, especially slogan or signature designs was the talk of the town on trending bangles/ bracelets for SS 2015. From Celine to Chanel, a myriad of arm candy designs were trending the runway. Bold and geometric, simple yet signature, acrylic to pearls - you name it, you got it!

I would certainly be trending these lovely arm candies from Keada's Kloset :

Clockwise from Top Left : Diamond Hinge Cuff, Horse Hoof Cuff, Floating Pearl Bangle
Elegant Panther Bangle, Slogan Love Bracelet & Crystal Link Bangle.

10) Wooded

Let's go natural this Spring! Wood is the latest material that's the rave on the Runway of Fashion Weeks for Spring Summer 2015. Many designers have worked this natural piece with other trends e.g geometric, tribal etc..What's your take on this?

I hope this post would significantly help you in choosing your accessories for your outfits for Spring/ Summer 2015. More so, that you will find many interesting and unique pieces to style these looks only from Keada's Kloset. A boutique that caters to the modern woman who loves to vary her styles - from loud and bold statement jewelry to simple, minimalistic pieces that spell subtle confidence. With such a variety of choices, you certainly will not go wrong with any of these gorgeous pieces from Keada's Collections.

What perfect way to start February 2015, with an exciting VALENTINE'S PROMOTION with 30% OFF all purchases ( Discount code : "VALENTINE") till 12 February 2015. Don't forget drop a remark in your purchase order " SIMONE" and the kind people at Keada's Kloset will even include a little Valentine's gift for you in your parcel!!!

Have a great time shopping online !!

Simone xoxo

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