YAY Designs for the Holidays! Unique Convertible Party & Travel Outfits for Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 Simone - Your Style Architect 14 Comments

Hi everyone and a happy weekend to all of you.

As we are counting down the days to Christmas and in preparation for the numerous parties lined up for the year end festivities, I happen to chance about YAY Designs ( www.yaydesigns.com) - a LA based company, whilst looking online for great and unique party outfits to consider and figured I had to share this with you.

Setup in 2006 by Russian designer Yevgeniya Alexandrovna Yushkova ( otherwise simply known as YAY), Yushkova Designs was a dream realized to create custom clothing for the 30 - 55 yr old confident woman who is looking to buy an outfit that exudes versatility yet being functional. Comfortable yet with an edgy or trendy feel. With an aim to create a clothing line to convert the modern women's life, YAY Designs and creations aims to provide designer wear that is time saving, cost saving and yet looks good and classy. Allowing her to travel light, and taking her easily from work to dinner / drinks.

I personally thought their items were pretty unique and wanted to share them with you especially during this season of giving ( to give you new ideas for pressies) or simply to help you find that outfit that you could easily add to your wardrobe for this festive season. The sheer versatility and multi functional use of every item will certainly bring you lots of wear of each outfit through the New Year.

I particularly picked out these 3 items from their current collection and put together these inspirational / styleboards just for you. To give you an idea of how you can easily play dress up mix and matching each unique item for the various looks each item can create.

1. Multi Way Reversible Trench Coat

This embellish trench is so ideal for winter year end parties. Whilst keeping you warm, yet elegant and dressy enough for a fun night out. Here I have paired it with Ombre Glitter heels and a beaded black clutch to bring the look together. You can also wear a sexy LBD under this trench and use it simply as a jacket rather than an standalone outfit.

To take this outfit from work to after work parties, wear it as seperates with a solid colour top to "dress down" the whole outfit therefore making it suitable for work during the day. As a 2 piece skirt suit paired with plain leather pumps, this outfit would easily be accepted in the office. Keeping it conservative yet elegant.

For those of you who love outfits in darker hues, this reversible trench coat also comes in black as seen above.

2. Lace Bolero Jacket / Scarf

Now if glitter is not your thing, perhaps lace would be then. I love this Lace Bolero Jacket as it is such a good travel item to own and instantly glams up an outfit no matter how you choose to wear it.

Most of us would have a favourite black dress or two in different lengths in our wardrobes and may not necessarily want to spent lots extra on new clothes for every party. So investing in this versatile Lace Bolero Jacket would be ideal. Creating different looks with just one dress underneath. I chose to match this first look with a  lace waist belt to bring out the lace effect of the item. As I love bling, I decided to pair it with a gold and black glitter clutch just to add that Christmas feel to the whole outfit.

Look No. 2 
In this second look, being asian, I wanted to create a look that spelt "Chinoiserie". Therefore I decided to pair it with a sexy pair of black lace heels, a gorgeous statement bangle and a beautiful satin clutch with a simple tassel detail. Keeping the look elegant yet with an Eastern influence ( great for those of you who have theme night parties or are celebrating the holidays in the Far East).

Look No. 3 
Look No. 3 is one where you could wear to work first before switching the Lace Bolero Jacket to Look No. 1 or 4. Obviously it can be a standalone look for an event as well. Decided to work with ankle booties for this look and bringing a pop of colour to the outfit with a red classic bag. Pulling the look together, I felt a nice statement pin/ brooch would add that little glamour to a simple solid colour outfit.

Look No. 4 
Finally, with it's cute buttons, this allows the jacket/ scarf to hang on the shoulders quite elegantly without too much fuss and creating a wider open neckline therefore allowing one to pair it with a statement necklace. I added this black beaded statement necklace with lace to pull this look together. A nice pair of statement heels with some glitter would take this outfit up a notch and this time I also paired it with a statement cocktail ring for a change.

No. 3 Convertible Poppy Dress

This Poppy Dress item  was actually the first thing that caught my attention with YAY Designs. A great item to own especially if you travel lots, as it essentially  2 different looks in an outfit ( a dress and a jumpsuit). More versatility at play if you worked it around with various accessories and shoes. I love the fact, it can be a sexy dress for the evening, throw on a pair of leggings for work, wear it as a longer top over jeans and with the detachable harem pants, it instantly becomes an evening open back jumpsuit one can look glamourous in for dinner / drinks. You could also pair the pants look with a biker jacket and sneakers/ slip on loafers and it can take you out on the town for shopping.

I know pictures can be quite difficult to envision the different looks or get a feel on how to convert these items, so please go check out YAY Designs YOUTUBE channel ( https://www.youtube.com/user/yushkovadesign) so you can experience the versatility of their outfits first hand.

In order to allow my readers the joy of shopping with YAY Designs, I requested for something special I could offer to my readers and the kind people at YAY Designs are pleased to extend to all of you a very special 25% discount off your final purchases that is made directly on their website. Free shipping is provided for purchases with USA addresses, however international shipping is also available for all my international readers. YAY Designs and outfits are also available in many high end and reputable boutiques across the USA, and online on Amazon.com.

So go check them out NOW and don't forget to input "YOURSTYLEARCHITECT" upon checkout at www.yaydesigns.com to enjoy your preferred 25% discount with NO EXPIRATION DATE! Now, how good is that!! 

I can't wait to hear back from you on your favourite YAY Designs item in the comments below. 
So go have fun mix and matching their items!

Simone xoxo

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  1. I adore the Calla Reversible Dress the most from yaydesigns. These are so creative designs!

    1. Fantastic. Don't forget to use your 25% discount code to shop online.

  2. I love the convertable poopy dress! Gorgeous.

    1. Me too. Just think it's such a great outfit for travelling cos you can create so many looks with one item.

  3. I love your style, it is really creative and amazing! :)

    1. Thanks Jasmine. It is always encouraging when my readers let me know that I am inspiring them with my posts.

  4. Love Convertible Poppy Dress!! a creative designs :)

    1. Me too. Don't forget to go shop it online ok with a 25% discount code " yourstylearchitect".

  5. I love all these looks! Especially the convertible trench coat! Awesome!

    1. Yes - it's a cool piece to own and style for the holiday season! Funky!

  6. love the look number 2 :) looks classy and elegant

    1. Thanks Arra. Do check them out and don't forget your 25% discount code. There is no expiration so whenever you do follow them and see something you wish to purchase just click in your code ok?

  7. So cool! Love convertible clothing!! I really like that lace scarf!