Time For A Breakthrough :: Upcycled Vest with Patch and Statement Jewellery

Sunday, June 21, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Vest : Bershka ( past season) ( similar here & here)
Patch : Just Gayas ( DM for price and design options)
Earrings : Lustre Jewellery ( get it here)
Bangles : ( on sale now) Stones That Rock ( get it here & here)
Jeans : Shein ( get it here)
Camisole : Stradivarius ( past season) ( similar here & here)
Boots : The Tui Collection ( get it here)

Hey everyone,

It's Father's Day weekend and I am sure with Phase 2 now reopened in Singapore, many of you would have taken the opportunity to go dine out and have a little mini celebration. A much deserved family bonding time over good food and drinks this weekend. Remember stay cautious, wear your mask and keep your distance. 

I had posted this look on Instagram earlier on in the week and felt it should be reposted here with my full photo shoot shots highlighting and reemphasising how grateful we are of this new breakthrough with the new steroid and possibly antibody vaccine they are hoping to roll out once the data is collected and more trials done but light at the end of the tunnel for sure.

I chose to do another editorial style shoot in the comfort of my own home ( and also a safer option than heading out when all are running out and about). Played with a newspaper background and literally "broke through" to create this pictorial. I love the comfort of this rock chic look and I think it exudes some a "strong" woman / boss babe vibe to it. So went more edgy with the darker lip shade from Amplio Beauty and upcycled this old vest with a gorgeous patch from Just Gayas ( please do DM her on Instagram for prices and pattern options as it is not listed on her site yet). This look was finished off with a pair of stunning earrings from one of their latest collection from Shop Lustre and bangles ( a mix of 2 sets) from Stones That Rock. You may wish to note that they are having a storewide sale ( 25% off) all their jewellery online now till 26 June 2020, and you may also be gifted a free bracelet with your purchase. 

Completing this rock chic look are these buttery soft, handcrafted, curated pair of leather booties which I have worn countless of times regardless of climate and season. Its definitely an investment footwear to own. For my followers, The Tui Collection is offering a 25% off these Booties - use code " Booties25" to upon checkout for this fabulous deal!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and do note many of these brands do ship internationally, with many also offering free shipping within Singapore ( local shipping). Do pay them a visit and support them if you can.

Simone xoxo

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Must Have Summer Dress Style :: 2 Ways To Wear A One Shoulder Kaftan Dress

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            Look No. 1 - Worn On Its Own

Look No. 2 - With A Belt

Dress : Simone Irani ( get it here) * Use Code ' FOSTER10' to enjoy 10% off.

** International shipping available.

Belt : ASOS ( similar here)

Gold and Black Onyx Set : Lustre Jewellery ( get it here)

Flower Dangle Earrings : Hooks & Hoops ( get it here)

Heels : The Tui Collection ( get it here)

Hi everyone

As summer is slowly creeping around the corner, I would like to showcase to you a beautiful summer dress style that I am sure many of you would have felt a little hesitant to style. Most people associate kaftans with only vacation or holiday outfits but this one shoulder style from Simone Irani is simply stunning and as you can see I have styled it both ways. Casual as a summer dress and cinched in at the waist for a more elegant evening look with heels.

Honestly, I personally have not owned a kaftan dress before - as grandma use to wear loads of them, but once I had put on this gorgeous piece with its bold floral print - it had won me over and now I am a convert to kaftan style dresses.

Keeping this blog post short as the pictures can speak for themselves, do let me know which look ( 1 or 2) is your favourite in the comments below. Noted also the various jewellery one can also style with this outfit even though  it has loud bold prints, the right jewellery certainly up the ante for the various looks. Have fun mix and matching !


Simone xoxo

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Lockdown Summer :: Floral Pinafore + Tassel Slides

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Pinafore : A Vintage Tale 
Lace Top :  H&M ( past season) ( similar here)
Scarf ( as headscarf) : Fernweh Souls ( get it here)
Slides : Bayou Soles ( get it here)
Mask : Al.Ma.Lu ( get it here)
Ring : Vintage scarf ring used as a finger ring ( similar here) 
Earrings : ( can't recall ) ( get it here)

Hi everyone and hope you are keeping safe this weekend especially if you are in the USA where I see many reports of protests happening lately. The last picture above was particularly shot in a dark hue as a reflection of  all that's been going on with racism and the fight for #AllLivesMatter in these last 2 weeks. I particularly shot this look wearing a mask - firstly to continue to highlight that the pandemic is still a key concern with a big change to the world and all our lives. Also, wearing a mask reflects the "masking" of one's voice and for many wearing a mask is so uncomfortable. Many can't breathe easily with a mask on and feel like they are gasping for air - akin to poor George Floyd who had his breath taken away from him in a silent but lethal way. Just bringing to the forefront things I have been extremely affected by of late.

Before I continue with this outfit post, just wanted to add that staying at home for me has had its advantages and in many ways I am a little apprehensive after being stuck at home for almost 2.5 months to head out into the " wild" again. Whilst, many parts of the world now are slowly opening up for businesses, domestic travel and even for leisure activities such as beaches and sports arenas,  here in Singapore, we are only in our first phase of opening up since the recent 2 month circuit breaker and although it is a welcome change that psychologically we are freer, however we have yet to seriously be able to move out and about as freely as we used to with only essential services like schools and certain business opening. Retail is still struggling except for online sales.

I do not know about you - but to a certain extent, I have adjusted more to online purchasing and going digital in more aspects of my life than I would have done so had this whole pandemic not occurred. The good thing is that many retailers are well aware of the uncertainty that some people experience shopping online especially with sizing etc therefore if you have a good return and exchange policy - this would certainly help push for more sales online as people are less afraid to be adventurous and purchase items knowing they can at least get a refund or exchange for a more fitting size.

So when the circuit breaker aka lockdown first kicked in in Singapore, I was excited to start trending masks. I know many people hate wearing it but you have to admit, this is the new normal and to protect yourselves, it is best to put on a mask when out in public. So why not do it in style and here, I started playing with various patterns and shapes of masks just to get myself happy wearing them especially if they become a part of my wardrobe ( like my jewellery or bag). My first love with masks started with Al.Ma.Lu fabric masks of which they fit well and had tiny detailing like Swarovski crystal and embroidered flowers to lift my moods.  Their various options of patterns and colours got me going crazy. Obviously now every other retailer are selling recyclable face masks and rightfully so as it is also helping to upcycle leftover fabrics from their clothing items. 

Keeping this look fun and trendy -  one where you can take to run errands and school runs, is this vintage pinafore dress I got from A Vintage Tale sometime ago and paired it with this lace top from H&M. Always needing to add some oomph to the outfit, I used this gorgeous silk scarf from Fernweh Souls to wear as a headscarf to create the boho feel and finished off the look with these funky fringe tassel slides from Bayou Soles.

Let me know how you are coping now with the gradual return to some form of normalcy wherever you are. And do continue to stay safe and vigilant.

Simone xoxo

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How To Style A Floral Wrap Dress As An Outerwear Wear

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Wrap Dress ( Outerwear) : Indiibreeze ( get it here)
* Please use 10% discount code upon checkout - "Stylish10"
Top : Cotton On ( get it here)
Pants : Zara, past season ( similar here)
Shoes : Stradivarius, past season ( similar here)
Bracelet : Swarovski ( get it here)
Necklace : Betsey Johnson ( get it here)

Hi everyone,

As Summer is round the corner and with budgets tightened to spend on a new summer wardrobe especially during this trying time for many of us, I thought it would be nice to bring you a look which you could stretch your dollar with and show you how to restyle a wrap dress as an outerwear.

So, this gorgeous floral cotton wrap dress aka the perfect summer dress, has been converted to an outerwear and I paired this with a simple crop tee and wide leg crop pants to bring this whole look together. Bringing out the colours in the dress, I particularly chose this funky mesh necklace from Betsey Johnson and a blue mesh bracelet from Swarovski to complete this outfit. Of course to make one look taller, always bring the colour of the skirt or pants all the way down to the heels to lengthen the look.

For those of you who have been following me, you will notice I have gone a little more creative this time with my look, playing with bold and bright pink eyeshadow for a change and of course my prop of a bunch of pink flowers was added to bring out the quirkiness in this new direction I am taking with my shoots. A little more fun, more editorial. Due to the lockdown I had to keep taking shots within my home and it got kinda boring for me to be doing my traditional fashion shots, so decided to go quirky this time.

I hope you enjoyed this look and watch this space as I bring you another post  soon, where I do wear the dress and style it as it is, on its own.

Do leave me a comment and let me know if you like this bolder and more creative style of my shots.

Simone xoxo

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