Flower Fantasy Jumpsuit

Sunday, May 19, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 3 Comments

Hi everyone.

Going through some magazines that's been stacking up on the side of my desk, I finally found some time today to go through them and indeed, I was not wrong to figure out many a couture and designer houses are all gaining inspirations from the retro phase, e.g Christian Dior and Gucci... to name a few.

This therefore continued my fascination and inspiration to continue posting looks that is kinda retro in style, if not for the outfit style, at least for the prints and patterns.

This 2 way jumpsuit from Alice McCall is aptly named the " Stop and Stare " jumpsuit and rightfully so. The loud floral print and the sweetheart neckline style of the jumpsuit certainly is something from the 1970s - 1980s and I love the ruffle sleeves which can double up as an off shoulder piece or a shoulder strap.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have realised that Mom had boxes full of retro clip on earrings which I gladly picked and choose to find that perfect match and this pink pair was certainly the cherry on the top to complete the look.

Here's a sneak peek of the earrings I was talking about.

Doesn't this remind of you a kid in a candy store! Enjoy!!

Jumpsuit : Alice McCall // Bag : Staud // Bangles : old 
Shoes : Ria Menorca // Earrings : old, Mom's 
Simone xoxo

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Mamma Mia!!

Sunday, May 12, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 4 Comments

Top : Jovonna from Style Theory ( get it here and here)
Pants : Shein ( get it here)
Bag : Miuccia Studio ( get it here)
Belt : A Vintage Tale ( similar here)
Heels : Shein ( get it here)
Earrings & Rings : Lovisa ( similar here & here)

Still going strong on my retro theme phase, this lovely blouse with pleated flute sleeves from Jovonna is so pretty to trend this theme with. This aptly captioned theme " Mamma Mia" precisely summarises the look which is very ABBA inspired!! The pleated sleeves, slit pants, all in line with the 1970s. Just short of holding a microphone in my hand and belting out my favourite tunes, I was ready to hit the stage with this look!

The rounded collar, commonly known as the Peter Pan collar is a common feature of most Japanese style and retro blouses that exudes a classic sense of elegance and femininity. A lover of statement sleeves if you haven't already noticed, this pleated flute sleeve detailing was the main thing that makes this blouse stand out strong amongst its regular cousins.

Pairing this look was easy with this retro 1970s disco pants with slits down it's front, it would complete the ABBA feel with patent boots but I guess that's pushing it a little.  Honestly I may need to head back to youtube to review ABBA's videos and get more inspiration from their onstage costumes to continue my styling of this retro vintage phase I am going through.

The wide waisted leather belt was another steal I had gotten myself from A Vintage Tale recently however there was not label to identify the brand of this belt . Nonetheless, I love how the leather still smells so strong and it still feels so supple in my hands.

Another great online Etsy store I found recently is Miuccia Studio of which handmade rattan and cane webbed style accessories like mules, slides and bags are made in Bali and shipped worldwide. I even had them customise this bag with a sling for me so I could style it more easily with casual outfits and wear it more often.

So, whilst I am into this retro theme and researching vintage bags and accessories, I love how cane bags in particular stood out and this style is perfect for Summer 2019. Different from your regular straw bags which somehow the trend for Summer has been a little diluted now,  I then realise several online boutiques selling similar styles for this Summer 2019 and would dare to say this is the new trend for Summer bags 2019. Available in various styles and sizes, I would definitely advise you to invest in one of these cane bags which can see you through all summer.

So as this post is aptly captioned  " Mamma Mia" to go with the retro ABBA style outfit, and seeing it's Mother's Day weekend here in Asia ( and perhaps in several other parts of the world), to all Mamma's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!!

Simone xoxo

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A Vintage Tale

Sunday, May 05, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 6 Comments

Walking into A Vintage Tale was like a kid entering a candy store! I soaked up the myriad of colours and the loudness of the outfits which screamed " Florals, Patterns & Colours" but it was beautiful. I identified with so many of the accessories and clothes there, even guilty of forcing mom and grandma through the years to throw out what they considered treasures and I, rubbish... due to the lack of space. I was never one to truly appreciate vintage and retro till in recent months.

Perhaps it is me getting older, perhaps it is the need to hang on to the past ( subconsciously) for comfort. Nonetheless, we learn so much with the evolution of fashion and certainly a vintage store would be the best to learn all about fashion history ( and the same for furniture and home decor too). Amazing how these industries all tie in together.

Midollino Bags 

Dress : A Vintage Tale
Bag : Midollino - A Vintage Tale
Shoes : ZARA
Earrings: old ( mom's from the 60s)
Hats : A Vintage Tale

Nonetheless, I was glad to meet the owner Azurra who used to work in major fashion and designer houses back in Italy for many years and only recently in her relocation to Singapore did she miss the whole vibe and hype of this division of the fashion industry that she decided to setup A Vintage Tale. She travels round the world regularly to source for items to sell at her store and Azurra has kindly given us a hint that as we speak a shipment of Midollino bags would be arriving around 18 May 2019 to the store which will mean great stuff for the take then! If you are based in Singapore, please save this date and do pop into their boutique on Joo Chiat Road to get your hands on one of these bags.

Many fashion houses have showcased rattan, cane and straw bags for Spring Summer 2019 and this would fall perfectly in line with this year's trend just short of it being brand new but packed with loads of character in each item. I had the pleasure of playing dress up trying on various dresses, overcoats, hats and styling them with their range of accessories. It would so fun and of course, I too walked out of there with some goodies for my own keeping.

I hope you like this particular green dress from the 70s which I had purchased from them and do note that this weekend they are hosting a 30 - 70% Sale at the store.

Have fun and hope you can share with me in your comment below if you managed to visit the boutique and what treasure you had brought home.

Simone xoxo

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