Festive Magic :: Black Midi Dress With Back Detailing

Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Dress : Free People ( similar here & here)
Clutch : H&M ( get it here)
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( similar here)
Earrings : Kafika (get it here)
Belt : Christmas present from Mother in law ( similar here & here)
Ring : Lovisa (sold out ) ( similar here & here)

Hi everyone.

Hope you are in the heat of the festivities. Although Christmas Day has come and gone so quickly, but do not forget, it's a whole 12 days of Christmas and many are still at the height of rejoicing and celebrating this season of giving and sharing and coming together.

Another year gone, another year older... I start to realise my sense of fashion, choices of clothing is changing. Hopefully for the better but I am definitely less into trending skirts above the knee, showing off my legs but rather choosing options that are more classic and versatile.

This @freepeople  dress which is last season's if I am not mistaken still holds it's attraction for me with it's beautiful criss cross back detailing that is sexy in its own right. I love the fact that it's 100% cotton and with this dress again, one can be versatile styling it both elegantly ( as I have done in my shots) or even casually as a beach dress or on a hot summer's day.

Some of these shots were taken recently during my trip to Da Nang, Vietnam of which we stayed at the beautiful @intercontinentaldanang resort which boasts beautiful views being set up on a slope of a mountain as well as a resort which one does not even need to venture out to have a good time. From water sport activities, choices of swimming pools, spa as well as great options for dining, I was just going crazy trying to take it all in. Let's not even start on the wild monkeys that literally hang out with you on your patio.

Well I will feature more of this resort in the upcoming blog posts but in the meantime, here's wishing all of you a healthy, peaceful New Year 2020 that will only bring you blessings and love.

See you next year,
Simone xoxo

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Christmas Green :: Polka Dot Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

Sunday, December 22, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 1 Comments

Dress : Shein ( sold out, similar here & here)
Earrings : Rattan Zakka 
Bag : Vintage ( Mom's) ( similar here & here)
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( get it here) 
Ring : Lovisa ( similar here & here)

Hi everyone,

I can't believe it's already the last weekend before Christmas 2019! How quick time flies and on hindsight how much has happened over the year. Unfortunately for our family, we had recently received news of my father -in-law's passing whilst we were out on a recent holiday. Hence Christmas this year will be a subdued and sad one. At the ripe age of 95 years young, he had lived a good life and went peacefully in his sleep with my Mom-in-law by his side and that is all that matters.

He will always be remembered as one of the greatest Circus Ringmasters, Regisseurs and performers of his time having stemmed from a very rich circus history, family and tradition. He will surely be missed!!

With this change of events, it again reminds us what the true meaning of Christmas is. It's about family, about giving, about Love! Christmas is celebrated not only by Christians worldwide but by many others of different religious believes. Perhaps it has been commercialised to become a shopping and holiday event however for me, Christmas is about rebirth and new life. We need to be reminded to always be thankful for what we have, a spirit of giving ( not just presents) but rather to help those in need. This year, I had made an extra effort to buy some sleeping bags to assist the homeless in the UK. It may not be many and may not be the perfect answer to their problems but at least it'll mean a warmer Christmas for a couple of people and remember, charity begins somewhere. One person can still make a huge difference to the lives of others.

This Christmas, I have not spent any money on new outfits - and this beautiful green dress which is already sold out on Shein, was something I found again, tucked away, never worn in my closet. In the perfect shade for Christmas Green, the polka dot pattern and the off shoulder neckline fits perfectly for a tropical Christmas. I felt I looked like a Christmas tree myself! Paired this with a vintage bag I found amongst mom's old handbags and this lovely pair of The Tui Collection shoes which are so versatile and comfortable to mix and match with. Wooden earrings from Rattan Zakka finished and completed the whole look.

The last picture is of me and one of my besties @lozzybethlife, who is visiting from Australia and in perfect time to cheer me up after all that transpired recently. Her beautiful Christmas gift which she got me from Australia ( Frida Kahlo Vase) certainly help put a big smile on my face when I received it. I have been eyeing this vase for the longest time!

Whilst the pain and memories of losing loved ones recently - the loss of my Dad last July 2018, then came Cookie my cocker of 14.5 yrs in August 2019 and now my father in law in December 2019,  it will be so hard to forget and get over with,  but I believe time will heal the pain and the missing.

In the meantime, may I ask you for this Christmas to make it a point to do something different, something meaningful, something for someone else who needs it and you will truly then live in the true meaning of Christmas. Do share with me in the comments below what you will be doing different this Christmas for someone else.

Last but not least, do also check out my IGTV video below on Holiday Outfit Ideas which I had put together to inspire you to mix and match again with items from your wardrobe to create perfect holiday looks to trend. Enjoy!!

Happy Christmas everyone,
Simone xoxo

In Remembrance of Frank Foster ( Senior)
31 Jan 1924 - 13 Dec 2019

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Off The Grid

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 12 Comments

Hello everyone and happy midweek to you!

For those of you based in Singapore, you must have been busy over the weekend with the craze of Boutiques Fair - The Gifting Edition. I must say I was sooo happy to meet many of the owners and/or designers of the bespoke, curated and independent labels which I have come to love from Instagram at this fair. I also managed to connect with many stylists and influencers as well as models for these brands which I regularly see on IG during it's preview evening.
7 Grange Road - Mah Collection

With the lovely Ilenia Circolani of Manuel Mente Bijoux Singapore

With the lovely May of The Real Skin Firm

The Real Skin Firm

Su By Hand

High Garden Candles

Maisha Concept

However, like Boutiques Fair,  there is also another event I had recently attended which I would like to showcase today as many of you would not have known of this pop up event. This particular designer pop up event by Mah Collection has spurned several other similar designer collective pop up events all over Singapore since it started. The Designer Collective pop up event by Mah Collection held recently in Singapore, happens in this colonial black and white house which by its venue already sets the mood of being exclusive and offering only unique pieces, just like that of the building it is held in.

Being able to put a face to a name that I am so familiar with on IG was the highlight of my day. As I have been on about sustainable fashion these days, I was so glad to meet the likes of Su Pei Ho of Su by hand and Rakhee of Maisha Concept where their focus of their products are about being environmentally conscious as well as keeping fashion sustainable in this day and age. The same would be said of The Real Skin Firm, where I got the chance to meet May who showed me her extensive range of products all made from plant based products with no chemicals, fragrance or animal testing involved. Eversince I started using some of these products from The Real Skin Firm, I realised how much more glowing and radiant my skin has been. To top the whole event off, a quick pic with  Ilenia Circolani of ManuelMente Bijoux who I got to know awhile back through A Vintage Tale and needless to say, I had to get my hands on a pair of funky mis-matched earrings to complete the day.

Of course to move around in ease for such events, I wore this lovely dress by The Fifth Label. The pretty bow tied at the front was a sweet accent to a common print and took it to the next level in terms of cuteness. A statement bucket bag and oversize sunnies to complete the look, I was certainly in my element of retro chic with the occasion.

If you are in Singapore, follow @designercollectivebymah to check out their upcoming events.

Dress : The Fifth Label 
Sunnies : Diane Von Fursternberg
Bag : Staud
Bangle : Lovisa
Earrings : Manuel Mente Bijoux
Slides : Marc Fisher

Simone xoxo

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Flame Of The Forest

Monday, November 11, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 9 Comments

Hi everyone.

Happy Monday and still very much into my love for prints, today I would  like to showcase the "Flame Of The Forest" skirt by @naladesigns. This skirt is available at The Wyld Shop@Joo Chiat here in Singapore. 100% cotton, this full swing circle skirt is perfect for the tropical weather and it does exude that 1950s retro vibe. If you are following me on Instagram you would have noticed this skirt styled slightly differently with a black top on my IG feed recently.

Playing on the brown hues on the skirt, I toned this look down with a white shirt, but continued to build on making the skirt stand out as a statement with statement accessories such as the bucket bag in a camel tone shade.

On a separate note, I had fun doing this post at The Tuckshop where the funky retro decor works well with the outfit. I love the canteen style seating where the chairs flip out for easy getting in and out suspended by industrial style pipes - certainly an eye opener on such quirky designs.

Above here is another example on how to wear this skirt. A simple outfit with a statement pattern that  reminds me much of bold African prints ( another craze I am after at the moment). The bolder the pattern and colours, the more attracted I am and you can see how one can play it down or emphasise the prints by mixing with a different coloured top. Here, I love how the black makes the prints stand out even more and so kept the accessories more of the same colour palette as my top so that one only focuses on  the skirt yet feel the richness of the whole combination as black is always a sophisticated colour to pair with.

So, tell me which is your favourite?

Simone xoxo

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Miss Match Prints

Monday, October 14, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 8 Comments

Top : The Wyld Shop@Joo Chiat ( get it here
Skirt : Maisha Concept ( get it here
Bag : A Vintage Tale ( similar here
Earrings : Kafika( sold out) ( similar here & here)
Rings : Lovisa ( similar here & here)
Sunglasses : Diane Von Furstenberg ( sold out)  (similar here)
Sandals : Sam Edelman ( similar here

Hi everyone,

How has your weekend been? Not sure about you but I am certainly more careful these days - to purchase clothing items made from natural materials and reading clothing labels more closely to hold out from synthetic materials such as polyester which harms the environment from the large amount of chemical waste it produces during the manufacturing and production process. There is obviously a big contention about how ethical cotton is.. but I guess I will look into that a little more and update you shortly. 

Meanwhile, am loving this gorgeous Audrey Sleeveless cotton top from @naladesigns , which is also available at @thewyldshop_joochiat with its  Heaven Lotus design. This is one such great buy I keep mix and matching, pairing with various bottoms especially in the hot tropical and humid weather. The button down detail at the back is cute and the large floral print adds that retro vibe to the top. And if you have been following me closely, I am certainly going retro these days. Another way to keep fashion sustainable is to recycle items in your wardrobe. Buy vintage.

Also supporting another environmentally conscious retailer and designer @maishaconcept, is this cool,  chic and comfortable ( 3C) Chaand cotton skirt. The straps which ties up the sides adds that twist to an otherwise regular maxi skirt. The handprinted patterns on the skirt makes it also very unique where no two skirts look exactly the same. Slight imperfections make the outfit even more original and authentic. 

Pairing this skirt with the Audrey top and matching it with a 1960s midollino vintage bag from @avintagetale, creates a retro yet contemporary outfit which one can trend both on weekends and even on weekdays. I love mix and matching prints which most people are scared to do as the clash in prints sometimes may not necessarily work out fashionably but as I have always said " Fashion is about having fun"!!  Throw a white blazer over, high heels and let the side straps down for the skirt and one can take this look into the office. Pull up the skirt's straps, swop the heels for sandals or slides, sans jacket and a weekend look is ready to go.

Hope you enjoy this outfit and see you soon!

Simone xoxo

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