So In Love With Red :: Plaid Coat and Red Knitted Jumper

Thursday, February 05, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 26 Comments

Hi everyone,

Ah... February! The month of all things RED - Chinese New Year ( Red being the colour of good luck) and of course Valentine's Day! The smell of love in the air is so intoxicating as soon as the month switches from January...funny though how most people would breeze through the year with little expressions of love for their partners and only till Valentine's Day or in the month of February would everything just suddenly come to life!!

Ok, I am not a cynical person about the commercialisation of Valentine's Day but seriously, do you need to only take your partner out on V-Day itself? I am a person who love spontaneity. Of course it's always very lovely to have some romantic getaway pre planned etc but I love the idea of that special someone just calling and say " Pack your bags and we're off in an hour for some fun". One can dream right? Though after so many years of marriage, with the dog, kid and routines, it's pretty impossible to be just that spontaneous but the world would be a much better place and relationships would be so much more enriching if we could just be.....

So what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

It was quite chilly this morning with the temperature dropping much lower out here in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Am literally blasting my speakers off with the greatest hits of Tears for Fears ( my ultimate favourite band of all time!) whilst writing this post and what more appropriate song than " Sowing The Seeds of Love" going on in the background, candle burning on the side, The mood's slowly being set.

I recall with fondness when I was in school, for every Valentine's Day, I would go buy cellophane paper and lots of candies and chocolates and make little bundles with a heart shape card for each of my girlfriends, telling them how much I love them for being my besties! So for those single girls out there - don't get dishearten or lock yourself up during this time! Go and have loads of fun and enjoy the love of your best mates!!

For those of you in a relationship, don't wait to tell your partner only once a year how much he/she means to you! Do something different with them, remember how you guys met and take him/ her to that special place. Re-live that moment... tell him/her how you felt the moment you knew that there was something " special" there! The first time you touched...

Remember how in my last post of 2014, I mentioned I was so disheartened in 2014 and had so many frustrations thinking what else is going to happen next? I wasn't sure if 2015 would be much better and it has finally started to look up for me. Thanks for some of your encouraging words and for many of my friends - your lovely friendships that money can never buy. Your listening ear and your support for my causes and adventures in life means so much to me.

So here's Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Will end off with some fun shots ( with Cookie as usual) to brighten your day!

Turtleneck : old ( similar here) // Red Jumper : old ( similar here)
Coat : Kit Kat ( similar here) // Jeans : Uniqlo ( similar here)
Bag: Coach Legacy  // Boots : Stage by Playlord ( similar here)
Watch : Michael Kors // Bangle : Tiffany ( get look for less here)

Simone xoxo
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  1. wow such a great outfit and you look really great in it, i like the color combination and the fashion is so in.

  2. How cute(: i love the purse and boots!!!

  3. This outfit is so cute and looks so comfy. I love the boots with it. Thank you for sharing

  4. Love it! Not sure if it would suite me though.

  5. I love these pieces, especially the red! Red is my favorite color :)

  6. red is not my most favorite color, but this definitely makes me want to wear it more often!

    1. Thanks Aimee. Sometimes we do need to break out of our comfort is all about exploring.

  7. I'm in love with it too! Really nice.

  8. I'm really in love with that jacket too & your purse is pretty too you have a nice stylish taste.

  9. Thanks everyone for your sweet compliments and for taking the time to read my blog!!

  10. I love your jacket super cute

  11. beautiful outfits must haves

  12. that jacket is super cute and also love purse

  13. Adelynn Lovellette5 March 2015 at 10:59

    I love that jacket!

  14. love all the red in your fashion. super cute

  15. whats the dogs name ? super cute dog and love the outfit

  16. I love the outfit. It looks very beautiful. Great photos by the way.