Chanel Weekend :: Chanel Jumbo and Tassel Earrings

Sunday, September 04, 2016 Simone - Your Style Architect 2 Comments

It's Sunday again and with the dampening weather, a little pick me up was much needed this weekend.

I received this beautiful vintage palace Chanel tassel earrings for a pressie and figured, why not let's go crazy and deck myself out in Chanel this weekend. Tassel earrings is another hot jewelry trend besides choker necklaces this season, so I started to go crazy stocking up on a few favourite and classic styles which I will showcase slowly in time with my outfit pairings.

Had this white off shoulder top for awhile from my lovely sponsor - The model online wore the blouse with the split opening in the front, but being a little conservative and too conscious of my tummy, I decided to flip the top over and wore the split at the back. Somehow, I love how it opens up at the back to reveal the sexiness of a woman's lower back.

Just needed to get this next thing off my chest, so why not in my blog? A perfect place for me to connect with my readers and perhaps seek your advise on how to manage this situation.

So, this last week particularly had been a little tough. Been feeling quite disappointed in the human nature. How people easily fold under pressure and succumb to gossiping in order to deal with their insecurities. I have learnt to realise this is the way the world goes round however, I just cannot help but be disappointed in the hypocrisy of people. Sigh....

Coincidentally, Black Eye Peas, just released a remake version of their hit "Where Is The Love" this last week too - so apt to hit the point that we need more love in this world and less viciousness.

So, tomorrow will be the start of a new week and I am looking forward to a fresh start again. Putting all negativity behind me.

Back to my outfit this weekend, since I was going vintage with the chanel earrings and the jumbo bag, so paired this look with my Gianvito Rossi peep toe bootie which was first seen back in Aug 2014 but still a hot favourite for those shoe connoisseurs out there.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post and please do share with me how you deal with issues as I had faced above. Love to hear your opinions and suggestions. 

Top : ( get it here)
Jeans : ZARA 
Earrings, Bracelet & Bag : Chanel
Heels : Gianvito Rossi ( get it here)

Simone xoxo
Women's White Off Shoulder Top, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Black Leather Tote Bag, Black and Gold Bracelet on Lookastic: White Off Shoulder Top, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Black Leather Tote Bag, Black and Gold Bracelet

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  1. love love love this whole outfit combination!!

    1. Thanks mssamijli. Its a very comfortable outfit to trend as well. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.