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Friday, March 01, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 5 Comments

As we crawl into the first quarter of 2019, it does hit home that I am another year older and definitely needing to be more aware of my health status and what I should be doing to reverse the effects of certain lifestyle habits. Like many of you, we live in denial when we are younger on our health matters, however as my age creeps up on me so does any health risks that I am genetically predisposed to e.g osteoporosis in my family. For those of you who know me and my family personally, my mom has been suffering severe osteoporosis and scoliosis and her condition seems to be worsening as she heads into her 80s.  I certainly dread to think I would be walking with a " hump" on my back sooner rather than later.

Hence, DEXA scans which is a revolutionary X ray method of measuring bone density as well as muscle and fat composition was my first choice to get ahead of the problem.  Widely popular in USA, DEXA scan uses very low dose of dual X ray beams at differing energy levels through the tissues of the body and DEXA results are highly accurate. Given my family's history of osteoporosis, I was immediately interested on the DEXA Bone Density Scan and how I can use the results to slow down this process which I have to face eventually hoping later rather than sooner.

Without a thought, I picked up the phone and  made an appointment at Crawfurd Medical Centre here at Suntec City, Singapore being one of the few locations in Singapore which I could get this done.  My initial phonecall was serviced by Ivy who was very pleasant over the phone answering all my questions seeing I was not familiar with DEXA scans, and the ease of securing the appointment made the start of this experience pleasant. I felt reassured that I was going for the right procedure to secure what I wanted to do. A follow up call by Crawfurd to reconfirm my appointment, Ivy was very detailed in explaining what I needed to do to prep for my scan e.g reconfirming that I was not pregnant and to forewarn me to stop taking any calcium supplements ( if I am on any) 24 hrs prior to the scan to ensure that the results of the scan would be as accurate as possible.

On the day of the appointment, upon arrival I was introduced to Dr Peter Chen ( Centre Director and partner) of Crawfurd Medical Centre who walked me through on what I should be expecting for the DEXA scan as well as to answer any questions I may have prior to procedure. He also assured me that he would personally review the results of the scan with me right after the procedure so I can further address any questions I may have moving forward.

I was next whizzed off to get my height and weight taken and was introduced to the lovely Jeanit Olid ( Radiographer) who once again was so patient to explain the process of the scan to me, to reconfirm my personal information as well as to advise me on how best to conduct myself so as to ensure that the whole procedure and results would be quick, comfortable and accurate. With my  slightly curved spine/ back issue, I explained to Jeanit that I am unable to lie totally flat on the scanning bed as a result of this condition, and she was so kind to roll up a towel to prop my neck up for the scan when the pillow was not allowed. This extra thoughtfulness and care definitely made a difference to my overall experience. I felt very well taken care of at Crawfurd Medical Centre, whereas previous experiences at other scanning procedures left me feeling treated as yet another number to get through the day.

As with all X ray procedures, one has to lie totally still and for the Bone Density Scan, I was expected to lay there still for a good 7 mins. Just short of feeling claustrophobic, thank god it was over and out pretty quickly. Aside from some machine sounds the whole process was quick and easy without any discomfort.

Whilst many other laboratory and/or scanning procedures often has one waiting for days or hours before we can receive the results, with the DEXA scan, results are immediate and in this case, for a nominal fee, Crawfurd Medical Centre has in house doctors who will assist to interpret the results of the scan immediately for you as well as to provide you some guidelines on what you should do with those results.

I was glad to revisit Dr Peter Chen in his office of which the moment of truth was laid out flat to me! I am on the verge of heading into osteoporosis at my tender age of 45. Whilst childbearing did not help the fact that my body was sapped of much calcium but also being Asian, our diets truly do not supplement us much calcium unlike a diary rich diet which most Caucasians tend to grow up on. One immediately thinks, " calcium supplements" and though that is a good start however without enough Vitamin D in one's body, these supplements often do not get absorbed to their full potential to our bones. Therefore bottom line, Dr Chen highly recommended me to slap on the sunscreen on my face ( as most women are afraid of pigmentation and sunspots) and head go out there in the sun for at least a good 20 mins per day and bask in the rays which will certainly help me along.

Of course as one gets older, we tend to get lazier with our exercise regime but please please for your own good and if you are predisposed to such conditions like myself, you must keep up your exercise regime. Not just for general health and well being but also more so for resistance exercise to slow down the ageing process of muscle and bone degeneration.

Bottom line, the accuracy of the DEXA scan coupled with the transparency and clear advice of Dr Chen at Crawfurd Medical Centre was extremely useful in helping wake me up to help myself so that I can be healthier and perhaps not face the same issues mom or granddad did with their Osteoporosis. I am definitely glad I did this scan and highly recommend those above 40 to consider these scans for your own wellbeing.

For those of you who are perhaps looking instead to lose weight or find ways to better trim and tone your body, then perhaps you can also consider the DEXA Body Composition scan which highlights body fats, muscles as well as visceral fats in order that you can better manage your lifestyle moving forward.

Here are the price lists of the DEXA Scans available at Crawfurd Medical Centre. Do not delay and go and secure your appointment so that you can make 2019 a fruitful, healthy one and perhaps help save your life with the valuable information from the scans.

DEXA Services:
1. DEXA Bone Mineral Density (2 Points) - $120
2. DEXA Bone Mineral Density (Full Body) - $200  
3. Full Body Fat Analysis - $120   
4. DEXA Full Body Fat Analysis + Bone Mineral Density (2 points) - $250 

Consultation with In-House Doctor
$ 38

**(Do note that the prices listed above exclude 7% GST) 

May I also add that besides DEXA Scans, Crawfurd Medical Centre also has a wide range of other medical and Aesthetic Procedures and Services available for your medical needs.

You may reach them at the following email contacts to find out more: ( for General or Corporate Enquiries) ( for Health Screening Appointment Bookings)

Or reach them via phone at (65) 6804 9580

Simone xoxo

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  1. This is super informative dear. Indeed, prevention is always better than cure. Thanks for sharing this lovely read.

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  2. This sounds quite good and super expensive. I don't drive and walk a lot so this helps to a degree with maintaining bone density.

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  3. I have heard a lot about DEXA scans recently and had someone approach me about it. Informative post dear. Thanks for sharing, definitely good to know.

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