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Hi everyone,

Recently I have started a new series on Instagram called " Street Art & Street Walks" of which given the fact we can hardly travel these days, I took the opportunity of taking a new friend who has recently relocated to Singapore, to see the sights and sounds of Singapore. And in this way, rediscover Singapore for myself.

We had fun on a few of these streetwalks and I wanted to share one of these walks with you. We chanced upon this lovely mural along Chinatown and had to just take some gorgeous pics with it. See if you can spot me in them. The first larger one, depicts the neighbourhood lifestyle of days gone by. To be honest I do recall these settings growing up. Where housewives would be shouting down to the " mamak" shop owner downstairs ( often of Indian or Malay descent) asking to buy onions, bananas or some basic grocery like sugar or salt as they run out of them whilst cooking. Imagine having to run down the stairs to buy it was too much of a trouble so a basket would be lowered for the produce and money transacted the same way. Amazing.... 

Back to this particular outfit. A cotton blouse which is perfect for this current humid tropical weather ( yes it has been a "cool" 28 degrees at 7am!). And a hat is a must-have these days when out and about although I am glad to add since this post was due to be published we have had a bit of thunderstorms to cool things down albeit for a short spell. I love how I enjoy playing print-on-print and the whole outfit is a testament to this fashion trend. Everything I had on was printed - from the blouse, to the skirt to the embroidered up cycled kimono fabric bag. Yet everything came together so beautifully ( well in my eyes at least) as they all were part of the neutral family in terms of colour tone and therefore that is a big must if you are playing with prints and afraid to make too much mistakes if you started clashing prints with colours.

Do share with me how you play print on print ? 

Simone xoxo

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