My Favourite Fall Fashion Trends 2014 - Part 1

Friday, August 29, 2014 Simone - Your Style Architect 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Here's my first instalment post on the A/W 2014 Fashion Trends. I hope to inspire you and help you prepare your wardrobes to head fashionably into Fall 2014. Some of these trends were constantly highlighted in many of the runway shows e.g Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week etc.

In this post, I will highlight some of the key colour trends to follow for Fall/ Winter 2014. Not forgetting, I have included my own Styleboard Colour charts and items you may wish to consider to trend these colours for Autumn/ Winter 2014.

1. Vibrant Hues

We often find Fall/ Winter 2014 outfits in darker shades and gloomier colours, but this year, try going bold and bright with vibrant hues.

2. Navy Blue

Always loved the blue and black theme. You do not have to tone down your whole outfit in the same colour but highlight it with accents of Navy Blue to your outfit to trend this colour for Fall.

3. Burgundy / Maroon

Like in previous years where Oxblood was a popular Fall colour, this darker shade of red is a much preferred colour for this year's " red" trend.

4. Orange

I have always leaned towards burnt orange and mandarin orange in many of my outfit or accessory choices as it brings out the glow in my tan skin.

5. Colour Blocking

Can't decide which colour works for you? Colour blocking certainly helps to add that vibrancy and flow to an outfit especially in Fall / Winter where most clothings are in darker hues.

If you love colour as much as I do, you can also colour block your outfits with trending Fall colours by mixing and matching various items e.g Orange skirt/ Purple blouse/ Red bag, Navy Blue jacket/Orange shirt/ Blackjeans or leather tights, Green dress / Orange shoes / Brown long Knit outerwear etc.

So go have fun with Fall's colour trends and stay tuned for Part 2 of " My Favourite Fall Fashion Trends 2014" for clothing styles to watch for this season.


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  1. Ooo love it. I'm not too comfortable with colors. I'd appreciate it if you did some trends with black color? I'm still trying to learn to dress with color =(

    1. Hi Miss.samijli. You can always start slow but trending with Navy Blue instead of black ( just a pantone lighter than black or work with the Blue/Black trend to help you get used to some colour in your outfits and build from there with statement jewelry or handbags that has colour. Work with darker shades of colour e.g Maroon, Dark Purple perhaps so that it isn't too much of a break from your preferred colour tone and you will see how much difference it can bring to your look and more importantly, help you get started on playing with colours.