Summer Pairings - Mint Green & Pink

Saturday, July 28, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Happy weekend everyone! Just watched the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony and boy must it be said, it was choreographed fantastically and what an amazing show! My husband is seriously going on the whole morning " Only the British can do it this well!" ( what an ego!!). I guess all British must be so proud of the way it was organised and rightfully so. The humor interjected in it with Rowan Atkinson ( Mr Bean) & Daniel Craig as the Queen's official bodyguard for her Opening Ceremony appearance was hilarious! Hope you guys enjoyed it too.

Back in Singapore, as the weather heads to greater humidity again, I have decided to highlight more summer pairings for you to play with Summer's fav colours of Mint Green & Striking Pink.

Blazer/ Jacket : H&M ( similar here)
Top/ Bustier : Foster Bay
Jeans : New Look ( similar here)
Shoes : New Look ( similar here)
Accessories : Yellow Stud Bracelet ( similar here) & Origami belt ( similar here)
Bag : Foster Bay 

Have a good weekend ahead and have fun watching the games!


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