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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Anonymous 0 Comments

Hi everyone. Trying my best as promised to keep my posts more consistent. Went out today with Rebecca ( one of the models for Foster Bay) and decided to take some shots as we walked past some cool heritage homes in Singapore.

These Peranakan conservation homes are so retro in feel and colourful in many ways - we just couldn't help but take a couple of shots with such a unique background to work with. As a Peranakan ( Straits Born Chinese), I am proud of my heritage and the culture that is only to be found in Asia particular in Malaysia, Singapore and perhaps a small part of Indonesia. Therefore, the style of homes, architecture and motifs as well as colours are so vibrant and inviting it had to be captured for memory sake. So enjoy....

Top : Forever 21
Bottom : New Look
Cuffs : Far East Plaza
Belts : My own
Bag : Foster Bay
Sandals : My own

 Thanks for reading! See you soon.....


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