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Are you one of those who have been following Summer 2012 trends closely but have yet to try working with the latest NEON colours to add to your wardrobe??? Then have no fear, cos here are some easy ways for you to mix and match neon trends to your Summer Wardrobe on a smaller budget and also done pretty subtly, not that you end up looking too OTT ( Over The Top)!

With Foster Bay's recent launch " Summer Fusion"-  I managed to pick up a couple of neon coloured satchel bags which is the IN bag for summer and in the latest neon colours to spice up your outfits.
Foster Bay's Korean Neon Satchel Bag in Tangerine, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink

Below, I have tried mix and matching with neon belts ( though yet to purchase a neon hued pair of heels) to further add this colour trend to my Summer collection.  Also presenting 2 different ways to wear the neon satchel.

Origami Neon Belts in Yellow & Pink

Hermes Inspired Cuff, Foster Bay's Neon Satchel in Fushia & Sportsgirl Jewelled Necklace.
Calvin Klein Camel Heels & New Look Nude Flats
So what rules of thumb do we follow this trend with, so that we do not end up looking like we are still stuck in the 1980s?

1) Keep it simple and limit up to a maximum of 2 neon colours in an outfit.
2) Try and mix your neon with muted tone items to break up the colour. For those of you who are more daring, you could try mixing a stronger colour e.g royal blue with neon yellow/ pink bag or belt.

3) Personally, I would not go as far as mixing neon colours to my makeup palette,but perhaps for the younger girls ( teens to early 20s) , they could try venturing with a single neon colour to their eye makeup for the day.

4) Neon accented jewelry are fun to play with! I personally am still looking for a neon yellow choker like necklace to add to my collection. Have fun mix and matching but do keep it to a minimal unless you wanna be known as the " 80s girl".

5) Neon nail colours are sooo cute! Go have fun with those....

Enjoy  trending your neon shades soon!


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