Put My Face Mask On And Rumba !

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Dress : Erika Peña ( get it here & here
Twilly Scarf : Nala Designs  / Just Gayas ( get it here )
Bag : Ebay Store : marchforthlove 
Earrings : Hooks and Hoops ( get it here
Shoes : Ria Menorca ( get it here
Ring : Lovisa 
Face Mask : Al.Ma.Lu ( get it here)

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all still keeping safe and staying healthy! We are now a week into our "Circuit Breaker" in Singapore of which we are all advised to stay home and hunker down till 4 May 2020 in the hope of flattening the curve. 

Of course, I have been on my own self imposed stay at home notice since the last week of March and so you can imagine, how dreary I am feeling by now, not having had the chance to do my outdoors shoots and styling or even to venture out for a cup of coffee at the local cafe. However, as "your style architect" I constantly look for ways to " build" new looks, to bring you trending styles and fashion no matter what the situation is and what is more trending now than ever before are Fabric Washable Face Masks!!

First, I must say -  a true pity with such gorgeous weather outdoors over the last week that I just had to don one of my favourite designers  - Erika Peña and feel good again. This gorgeous Bata Rumba long dress is just the perfect maxi dress length for me to style with my pop of colour, red suede Ria Menorca wedges that is available here in Singapore at Binibeca Fashion boutiques. The flowing long tiered dress can be worn on its own - light and free. However, keeping the red pop of colour consistent throughout this look, I started building a different twist to this dress by pairing it with a gorgeous red vintage midollino bag and cinching the dress at the waist for a more polished look with this  red accented patterned twilly from Nala Designs / Just Gayas. Finally, this look is rounded off with this floral reversible fabric face mask by Al.Ma.Lu boutique. 

I love how these face masks arrived in little draw string pouches with a little card inserted which mentions what song was listened to whilst my specific mask was made. The reversible masks also has a twist of a little embroidered flower or embellishment sewn onto one corner of the mask to give it that feminine touch. Martina who owns Al.Ma.Lu keeps things real by offering face masks in designs for men as well as for children, and the myriad of patterns and colours  just makes you want to keep going back for more. In light that this is indeed a good practise to wear  face masks when one is out (especially during this pandemic period and perhaps months beyond as we slowly regain normalcy in our lives), it would be a great idea to have a couple of various designs so you can mix and match them with your wardrobe and outfits, just as you would with your handbags and accessories. Who knows? This could be the start of a new trend that is to stay for a long time coming.

I hope you enjoyed this look and do feel free to share with me what you are doing to stay trendy whilst quarantined at home?

Simone xoxo

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