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Sunday, February 17, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 3 Comments

Top : Forever 21 // Pants : D.D Collective // Bag :  Staud // Earrings : Zaful  // Shoes : Zara

Hi everyone and how was your recent Valentine's Day celebrations?

Being married for 18 years going on 19, we started getting practical with Valentine's Day. Just the thought of having to pay double / triple the prices at restaurants just because of a date does not rest well with us older folks, and so we decided to stay home this year and whipped up a quiet home cooked dinner.  Nonetheless, I hope for those of you who are still out there in the dating scene, Valentine's Day did bring you much surprises and joy! ( And lovely gifts to add!).

Whilst many of you were busy dolling up for your romantic evenings,  I was getting down and dirty Marie Kondo-ing my kitchen and my son's room! It's driving me nuts and certainly the shops especially our good old Daiso ( $2 Japanese store) is enjoying the sudden increase in business from The Fosters as I hop in and out throughout the week with bags full of storage boxes for me to complete my Konmari organisation.

For those of you not familiar with what I am talking about, Marie Kondo is this really petite Japanese lady in America that goes to regular people's homes to help them reorganise their houses and uses the KonMari method of organising. The main thing about the effectiveness of the organisation method is ONLY to keep items that " spark joy" in one's lives. Everything else should be relooked and we need to learn how to let go. Another thing that strikes out in her Netflix series is that she makes sure she " greets" the home before she starts reorganising. This spiritual aspect did take me a little by surprise since these are after all objects with no life / soul but I can appreciate where she is coming from. Indeed it is a very different experience as to regular home organisers and it does motivate me to do the same. Stay tuned to this blog where I will update you on how I have worked reorganising my home.

In the meantime, let's head back to this lovely wrap pants from D.D Collective. A cute and quirky style and I love the burnt orange hue. This lovely floral top from Forever 21 which I had stashed well at the back of my wardrobe resurfaced again whilst I was busy organising things and so I thought it was a good pairing with the pants. Of course to add some colour, these lovely kitten heel V front pumps from Zara says it all and a nice bucket bag to finish the look!

So stay tune my friends and I will share with you how I managed to Marie Kondo my place.

Simone xoxo

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  2. Oooo those trousers are so fun! Its like two in one, part trousers and part skirt. And love the yellow shoes too.

    Allie of