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Saturday, February 02, 2019 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Top : Stylestalker ( get it here)// Pants : Finders Keepers ( get it here)//  
Bag, Ring & Shoes : Shein ( get it here, similar here & here) // Earrings : Thrifty Thieves ( similar here)

Hi everyone.

The festivities have started again with the weekend heading up to Chinese New Year. Everyone's busy decorating their homes with bright colours of red, yellow, gold, pink and also lots of shopping for brand new clothes, items for the home, and lots of new year goodies to usher in the new year.

Red has always been an auspicious colour for Chinese New Year. The colour of fire, red symbolises good luck, good fortune and joy. Therefore you will find an abundance of red all over a Chinese home and the street stalls and lined with all the lovely decorations mostly in red. Therefore the same applies for many Chinese wearing red during the festive period.

So here is a little taster of the louder and brighter style of outfits people would be wearing as they go out and about visiting their friends and relatives over the Chinese New Year holidays. Pattern on pattern, I love how this outfit came together with the main accent of red/ pink bringing the 2 worlds of floral prints into one unified song.

The loose and flowing pants allowed ease of movement especially when one needs to be dashing from house to house to spread the good cheer. And the silk wrap around top made it a very feminine outfit to trend for the New Year.

As the pants were pretty long, I paired this look with nude tone accessories like the camel hue heels as a earthy 2 toned bag that simplified the look a little and kept it grounded.

Doesn't this outfit just make you smile and feel a happy mood?

Here's wishing all of my Chinese readers a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Pig!!

Simone xoxo

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