Garden Party :: Maxi Tulle Skirt + Gladiator Heels

Saturday, August 08, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 14 Comments

A good weekend to all of you.

These shots were taken awhile back when I had done a Video on White Shirt Pairings and thought it would be nice to re-post this look to inspire you to trend maxi tulle skirts for the rest of Summer.

The peachy tone of the skirt and it's flowing gracefulness reminds me so much of attending a Garden Party - even more so ( if I could ever have a chance) one in Tuscany. Just that cool casualness about this outfit is ideal for even Sunday Brunch or a Weekend Wedding.

Trending with old accessory favourites from my wardrobe - metallic clutch, layered stacked bracelets, thick studded waist belt and my beloved Michael Kors watch to complete the look.

Here are some street styles of wearing Long / Maxi Tulle skirts. Remember pairing it with an appropriate style top would define the outfit as you would like it to be e.g  glamourous or dress down.

Clockwise from top left :: Photos courtesy of // Alana Ruas // //

Top : ZARA 
Skirt : EG Fashion
Belt : Warehouse
Clutch : Aldo
Accessories :
Watch : Michael Kors
Heels :

Simone xoxo

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  1. i love pink skirt with the belt
    it really fit well
    you look so beautiful with this outfit

  2. I absolutely love the Maxi Tulle skirt!!! You look always!!! This skirt is something that I've always wanted to have!!!

  3. That outfit looks great on you! I especially like the skirt.

  4. I don't know if I like the Maxi Tulle Skirt in any other colour than pink! The white one looks like a crinoline for a wedding dress. And, the black one looks like it's from the Goth style of clothing. I love the pink!!! How it blows in the wind, and looks so light and airy!!!

  5. The "gladiator" shoes are gorgeous! I love the way they look...especially with the Maxi Tulle Skirt!!!

  6. the skirt is very lovely. It looks beautiful for summer

  7. I love this long, flowing skirt! It's something that I actually tried to make once, when I was in my teens, and taking a sewing class. It didn't turn out! LOL Now I will be able to buy one!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The layered stacked bracelets are beautiful! And, the Michael Kors watch goes beautifully with the jewellery picked out!!!

  9. I love your skirt, I wore something very similar last week I was feeling very feminine and stylish!

    The Color Palette

  10. i love maxi tulle skirts looks very nice

  11. I love the Maxi Tulle skirt!!! If you've ever seen the "dance of the flowers" from the Nutcracker, you'll know that the skirts are Maxi Tulle skirts...just shorter!

  12. I can't wait to see your next post! Although, I have enjoyed commenting on the Maxi Tulle Skirt!!!

  13. I think you look very lovely!

  14. this is the cutest outfit!!!! so feminine