Lace Me Up :: Leather Gladiator Lace Up Flats + Off Shoulder White Top

Tuesday, August 04, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 12 Comments

Happy midweek everyone.

Decided to post this up quickly whilst I had a bit of time heading back from work earlier today. Been busy crafting and sewing and making all kinds of beautiful crafts with my kids at summer school. So now it's back to blogging again in my free time.

Mix and matched old favourites from my closet for this look e.g Zara skirt, cuff and clutch bag.

You can also check out this look on my video on " Off Shoulder Pairings".

Check it out here : or view the post here !

Have a great rest of the week ahead!!

Top : Drex Fable ( similar here)
Skirt : ZARA (old ) ( similar here)
Shoes : Isabel Marant inspired ( get it here)
Clutch : Whitings & Davis  ( similar here)
Cuff : thanks Carla ( similar here) // Earrings : (similar here)

Simone xoxo

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  1. I love the top and the skirt....but, the shoes...I'm not quite fond off. I never really took to the wrapping of the laces around your legs shoes. But, you look great as always!

  2. I want those shoes !:)

    although those ties look a lil uncomfortable !:)

    i'd still go for it! xoxoxo

  3. Love your shoes!

  4. love the outfit very nice style you have i love the shoes

  5. What a cute outfit! Love it!

  6. I love the Drex Fable top, and the Zara skirt is gorgeous! I'm not sure that I could get into a pair of Isabel Marant inspired lace up shoes! I'm a running shoes kinda' girl, and don't like anything uncomfortable on my feet!! But, they work for you!!!

  7. I love the off-the-shoulder white top and the floral skirt! You look really great in that outfit!!! I think it's your best look yet!!!

  8. very pretty. My wife would love the shoes. She also would like the top. very nice

  9. I love the outfit! You look spectacular in the floral skirt and off-the-shoulder top!!! I have a question...don't the laces eventually fall down around your ankles? Or, do you wrap them so tight that they don't fall down?

  10. I love the skirt! It looks gorgeous on you!

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