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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 7 Comments

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the release of this post - as most of you would know I usually post twice a week. However last week was just crazy busy for me with Connor celebrating his 8th birthday and I had a bunch of his friends over, soccer trials and birthday parties to attend. Was also busy with work so couldn't get any personal down time to blog.

So will keep this post short to pick up the pace again. Not sure if many of you have been noticing the current trends of bloggers and fashionistas sporting tulle skirts in many of their IG and blog posts. Recalling I had one such skirt tucked away at the back of my closet - I decided to pull it out again and style it for Spring 2015.

As I mentioned in a previous post - gladiator heels are an back in trend for Spring Summer 2015 and I just love this pair sooo much. As high as it looks, these snakeskin platform gladiator heels are so comfortable, I could run in it - literally!

I particularly chose to put this look together with the intention of contradicting feels to the outfit. Ballerina sweet blended with a rock chic biker element. Classy yet Sexy with the gladiator heels.

Fooling around having fun during the shoot. Am so glad to inject a new life to this old piece from couple of years back.

Whilst putting this outfit together, I felt the vibe of Carrie Bradshaw from " Sex In The City" wearing this skirt. I do love her quirky way of dressing and certainly this is one look she sported that is imprinted in my mind.

So here are how my fellow bloggers are styling their tulle skirts. Would you try this trend? Please share with me your thoughts on this item in the comments below and tell me which is your favourite way to style this skirt?

Have a " swinging" week ahead and see you again soon!!

Jacket : b + ab ( similar here) // Shirt : H&M ( similar here)
Belt : Warehouse ( similar here) // Skirt : old by Love Bonito ( similar here)
Bag : celine inspired ( similar here) // Ring : YSL inspired ( similar here)
Heels : New Look ( similar here)

Simone xoxo
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  1. love this outfit. I wonder how this outfit would look on me? =( definitely not one for that color though...

  2. I'm a nurse so sadly I live in scrubs and yoga pants. But these tulle skirts are my fave fashion trend in a long time. You looked gorgeous in your shoot.

  3. You definitely did well in matching this tulle skirt with a leather jacket. I've yet to own a tulle skirt so hopefully I'll find one that fits me.
    I hope your days will not be too stressful.

  4. I love the leather jacket outfit. It comes out great.

  5. An interesting combination between a feminine tulle and a masculine biker jacket!

  6. looking so stunning in this outfit.