Shades of Grey :: Grey Culottes and Grey Hat

Monday, March 02, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 13 Comments

Happy Start of the Week Everyone!

Hope you have been having a fabulous weekend, chilling and hopefully enjoying warmer and nicer weather.

Its been foggy and wet here in Hong Kong, so I decided to share this look taken a couple of days ago. Somehow this wet weather does get one feeling down and depress - almost suicidal for some... but sun was peeking out a couple of times today so hopefully brighter, sunnier and happier days ahead!

You know how I have been talking about " Culottes" in my last couple of posts and videos and that its a fresh alternative to shorts or skirts for Spring/Summer? So here I decided to pair it with a leather jacket for those of you in cooler climates still, so you can take this look easily for work on casual fridays or on weekends out. As for my fans in warmer tropical weather, I have put together some styleboards you can work with anytime throughout the year.

Got this pair of casual and easy to match grey culottes from ASOS ( my fav online shopping site) and it fits perfectly to many items in my wardrobe as I can easily dress it up or down with various pairings.

You will notice that most of the items in this look have been recycled from my wardrobe - just to inspire you with a few basic essential items, you can mix and match them so easily to create different looks to take you out on the town! Indeed my take on Getting The Look For Less!!

Keeping the look simple, a pop of colour was needed just to give it some oomph... so paired it with a camel coloured leather bag for that all over elegant touch to this pairing.

Before the weather starts to warm up for good and where a choice of hats would gravitate to lighter materials for summer, here's one of the last few looks for my Zara hat I simply adored this Winter.

So now, here are some looks from casual to evening that you can pair and style culottes in.


Look No. 2

Look No. 3

If the above styleboards may not fit your style, perhaps these celebrity and street looks styling Culottes would help give you more ideas on mix and matching this elegant piece of outfit.

If heels are not your thing, try trending Culottes with flats or sneakers instead.

I hope you enjoyed these looks I have put together for you and have fun trending Culottes this Spring 2015!

Turtleneck : Old  // Leather Jacket : b + ab // Culottes : ASOS // 
Bag : Miu Miu // Boots : Stage by PlayLord // Hat : Zara Home

Simone xoxo
Get this look for $79+ on Lookastic: Grey Hat, Black Leather Jacket, Grey Culottes, Tan Leather Tote Bag, and Black Leather Boots

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  1. Cullotes are great. Love your outfit! Please check out my blog's newest post at

    1. Ooh Danuta. I love your style too. Thanks for visiting my blog and I have just subscribed to yours as well. Loving it!!!

  2. Adelynn Lovellette3 March 2015 at 16:47

    I'm not really a fan of the color gray, I don't think I look good in it.

    1. Thanks for visiting Adelynn. And indeed colour matching is very subjective - to each his own. However, I hope the styleboards with the various colours of culottes would help inspire you.

  3. I think the mix of textures make the outfit interesting. I like to wear all-gray outfits too, but I have to have some bright color, so I wear red lipstick!

  4. That is perfect... indeed you need to add your own element into inspired looks to make it your own and for it to work well with your style! Fabulous!

  5. I love this style.Very versatile :)

  6. I love the number 2 look, I love how it's professional yet very chic!

  7. I think the shades of grey outfit looks great on you!

  8. Those are some great outfits. They look perfect.

  9. I'm petite but would love to try this culotte trend. Do you have any tip on it?