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Thursday, March 26, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 6 Comments

Hi Everyone.

It's just been a very sad couple of days since the start of the week with the passing of the founding father of Singapore ( where I come from) - Mr Lee Kuan Yew. You will probably have read/heard it in the news and have watched many documentaries of late of all he has done for Singapore which has made me proud to be a Singaporean.

It seems difficult for me in this time of nation mourning to put together a fashion post. Certainly not a political activist, this post is not meant to be one of propaganda either - just one of mention to give credit where credit is due.

Life goes on for Singapore and Singaporeans and all I can say is that I am grateful for all that Mr Lee Kuan Yew has done and made Singapore to be. Rest in Peace Mr Lee Kuan Yew!


A look I had put together with the intention of trending socks in shoes further for Spring 2015, I figured let's have some fun with this outfit. It may or may not click for some of you but fashion is always about expression and about having fun.

Peep toe  / gladiator shoes seem ideal for working this trend as you can play around with patterned socks for that full on effect.

This wasn't too easy a shoot to take working with heels on the uneven grounds of the forest and critters creeping out from the trees. Was worried that a snake or a wild boar may appear right behind me!!

For those of you still unsure of working this trend for Spring 2015, here are some inspirations for you.

There are no specific rule of thumb here when it comes to mix and matching your socks and shoes but from the inspirations above, you can gather a few " basics" such as :

1) Work it within the same colour tone of your outfit/shoes
2) Preferably keep the socks in a bold solid colour for a more sophisticated look.
3) Work with ankle length socks ( prettier if its got a nice designed garter or detail) however knee high socks are great if there are more details on the socks.

Go have fun and keep those spring toes warm with this trend!

Top : b + ab ( similar here & here) // Skirt : ZARA ( similar here)
Bag : Valentino // Necklace : ( similar here)
Socks : Cotton On  // Heels : ( similar here)
Hat : ZARA Home ( similar here)

Simone xoxo

Get this look for $250+ on Lookastic: Light Blue Studded Crossbody Bag, White and Black Horizontal Striped Socks, Tan Suede Gladiator Sandals, and Multi colored Floral Mini Skirt

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  1. Looks cute. I shall try out this style soon. :)

  2. Hi Joanne. It really is a form of expression in this trending style so go and be bold and do try it out. Go for sheer or softer hues to start with - its a much more subtle way of working this trend.

  3. You did a great job with this mix & match. I have the same bag but slightly bigger in size =D I really love this color.
    Regarding Mr Lee, yes, it is sad for Singapore to loose such a great being but, looking at a positive point of view, Singaporeans must all be very very proud of him. I look at his life as a fulfilling one. He had really lived a full life. He talked the talk and walked the walk. Did so much and grew a country from nothing to a gem. A walking testimony of a great leader. His work will never be forgotten.

  4. I love the mix and match. Love the way the colours come out.

  5. I think only ladies with a long pair of pins can pull this trend. Your zebra socks are cute!

  6. love those shoes! i actually like how you used the socks