"Choies" Clothes Video Haul : : Furry Vest, Strappy Heels & Statement Bracelet

Monday, November 24, 2014 Simone - Your Style Architect 12 Comments

Happy start of the week everyone !

Been feeling a lil under the weather and just couldn't get my thoughts in order to put out a post sooner till today.

Was also soooo frustrated with getting my first video out because I had used my Videocam to take the video and it automatically saved it as a ".mts file". However as I was only familiar with Windows Movie Maker to edit my movie, therefore after all the hard work I had done ( as I could view and edit the original format in WMM), resulted in utter disappointment only to discover when I tried to save and then publish the movie that it would NOT recognise my .mts video files and therefore I had to try and search high and low for a solution without having to re-take the video all over again!

After much online searching and reading forums on this topic, the only solution was to convert my video ( at a cost of course!) and so finally I managed to convert it to the format that Windows Movie Maker would recognise but I stiill needed to re-edit my movie ALL OVER AGAIN!!! ( so almost back to square 1).

Anyways, my first video was a clothes haul from Choies.com, which is an online store I had discovered and if you have been following me, you would have notice I have linked them up to many of my similar buy items. So I figured I ought to try and purchase their items to have a feel of their quality, customer service and value for money, so that I would be comfortable to put my name against it and continue to suggest them on my blog.

So firstly, pardon the little effort to coordinate this outfit all together but I wanted to put on everything I had purchased from the store in this outfit post and figured since I was already doing the video, these shots were done right after to showcase the items in definition ( so to speak!).

Kept my initial outfit simple in order to let the items stand out when I was doing the video, therefore just decided to work with a simple tee and tights. But not to worry, more " styled" outfits featuring these items will be in the making soon.

Had to keep the video short but here are additional info about the items for your reference :

1) Shipping took about 10 days ( eventhough I was wondering why as I figured they were 90% shipped out of China and being in HK, its the closest we can be.) Came by a local courier company but all seemed professional.

2) I am a regular shoe size US 8 - 8.5 / Eur 39 - 39.5. Shoes were purchased in Size 39 ( and I believe it's because that's their largest size so I took the gamble) but a Size 40 would have been a much more comfortable fit  lengthwise. On hindsight I was also concerned about the possibility of a wide opening at the front, so with narrow feet I probably went with my usual size hoping this would fit better.

    TIP : Best to always buy a size up for shoes if they are coming from China and especially from online stores. Once bitten twice shy, they are often cut a size smaller.

3) Quality of the fur vest was good and it was lined well. So far, no shedding has occurred. This item could've simply been one bought in Zara in terms of it's quality.

4) No repeat customer discount was extended unlike other online stores where a discount coupon would be included in the packaging. However there is a 15% discount extended for first order and free worldwide shipping extended. They even have international european sites.

Please click on the link below and I hope you will give me a " Thumbs Up" for it.

Have a great week ahead!

Simone xoxo

Get this look for $91+ on Lookastic: Brown Fur Vest, Tan Suede Heeled Sandals, and Brown Leggings

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  1. I love this look!

    Love B5558

  2. The fur vest looks great on you - such a pretty choice!

  3. So chic!!! Love the vest xo


    1. Thanks Olivia. Starting to notice lots of other bloggers trending such styles of fur vest this season!

  4. The accessories are awesome, also the shoes. What an awesome combination!

    1. Thanks Mai Tran. I do like the quality of their items and am sure you will be finding more great buys online from choies.

  5. Gorgeous! And the location of the photographs is stunning!

    1. Thanks Inge. I am based here in HK. Not many people would relate mountainsides and greenery with HK. So it's a new perspective for my readers. Glad you like it.

  6. Stunning! Love the vest and the whole outfit!

    1. Hey Meegan. Indeed this is not a sponsored post so all my comments are truly what I experience and feel as a paying customer. I am very pleased with the quality of their items and I am loving the vest lots too!