Time to Recycle Your Looks & Outfits !

Sunday, August 26, 2012 Anonymous 2 Comments

Happy Sunday everyone,

I have always admired the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, to have the guts to recycle her outfits in various ensembles and in various occasions.

For one, she could easily afford to have any outfit she wishes but she chooses to stay humble and live her life like she has always been prior to being a part of the royal family. Most Hollywood celebrities would never dream of recycling their " red carpet" outfits simply because it will be easily recognised by the masses given their high profile pics for these award shows splashed across magazines, tabloid papers and the internet. However,  Kate Middleton who I say is probably the most high profiled "celebrity" that is constantly watched for her fashion sense doesn't fear to have the public notice her mix and matching the same outfits and wearing them again and again ( with subtle variations/ changes made).

Whilst she could easily demand and afford to engage a stylist to put her looks together, but she again chooses the path of staying grounded and styles herself for all of her public events. For this I truly admire her. And it must be said she has done a pretty good job staying grounded with her own style, not letting popular trends or designer brands sway her from the all important agenda of being a " regular person", someone who the public can easily relate to and feel that closeness to the British monarchy. Many of her outfit choices are also affordable brands, with justifiable price tags attached.

Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge in her many recycled outfits.
Therefore, drawing inspiration from her guts to be seen in outfits/ trends of past season, I recently decided to pull out my 2010 LANVIN for H&M jewelled dress for a friend's wedding. Eventhough it's already been 2 years since this dress has been out there, but I still love it for its understated elegance and for its comfort. To complete my look, I wore it with my jewelled leopard print heels which was also a part of the Lanvin for H&M collection and a ZARA sequin clutch.

Lanvin for H&M Jewelled Dress 2010 Collection

Zara Sequin Clutch
Shoes : Lanvin for H&M Leopard Embellished Heels
Earrings : Swarovski ( thanks to Bev)
Ring : Leaf Shaped Diamond Ring ( gift)

Here are some examples of other celebrities wearing this same dress for their " red carpet events".

So who wore this dress better? Ok if you think I did, please leave me a nice comment. If you think the celebrities did a better job... well do tell me why and in what way so  I can try my best to bring you a better look next time !

Happy Sunday,

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  1. You look beautiful, Simone! I love Lanvin. I owe you an email - have been so busy these past few days, but will get back to you tomorrow.


  2. Thanks Courtney. No worries - I do understand about busy schedules. Will wait to hear from you. Have a good week ahead!