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Sunday, July 26, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

How has your weekend been treating you so far?

Feeling a rock chic vibe today, so bringing you this casual outfit that is so cool and comfy but yet with a twist with crystal statement jewellery from House of Rajput. I do love a good pair of statement earrings which has versatility. By that, I mean that I can easily wear it with a casual outfit ( in this case -  you can't get more casual than a pair of jeans) but yet, I can also style the earrings with an evening outfit. These Kira Hoop earrings from House of Rajput is one such earring that fits the bill. I love how it is edgy in its own right and therefore is able to bring an outfit together.

Many of you perhaps are not as comfortable with brooches as it is a piece of jewellery that not many people would style with their wardrobes unless with an evening outfit or a work suit. This Sol brooch also from House of Rajput is particularly unique because it comes in a 2 part design. Therefore giving it some texture and flow rather than a solid brooch which most of us are use to. I tried to play around with the brooch to this casual outfit by pinning it onto my cap or option 2, onto my jeans - a quirky yet unique way to make a statement. For those of you who loves to trend turbans or perhaps you do wear a headscarf, this brooch is also the perfect accessory to dress up your outfit.

Threw on this chic cotton kimono for some pattern and colour variation to this pairing and we got ourselves a rock chic loo, ready to head out the door. Of course let us not forget that these handwoven and crafted boots from The Tui Collection says it all to complete the outfit.

What do you think?

Jeans : MANGO 
Cap : Anko 
Earrings & Brooch : House of Rajput ( get it here & here)
Boots : The Tui Collection ( get it here)

Simone xoxo

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