Whistle Blower :: Pink Whistle Dress + Statement Cocktail Sirena Ring

Monday, May 18, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Dress : Whistles ( past season) ( similar here)
Clutch : Photophactory ( get it here
( Use code : "20OFF" this May 2020 for an exclusive 20% off)
Sirena Ring : House of Rajput ( available here)
Bee Bracelet  & Pearl Necklace : Embrace Jewellery ( similar here)
Earrings : Lovisa ( similar here)
Shoes : The Tui Collection ( On Sale - get it here)

Hello everyone.

If you have been following me on Instagram, my last couple of posts were mainly focused on statement jewellery and most of them were pretty large pieces of jewellery. I love how accessories can make or break an outfit. However today, I wanted to showcase how one can also mix and match statement jewellery with daintier pieces and yet all are part of the whole " symphony" to create the total look.

Here I am wearing a gorgeous Esme Crystal Sirena Ring from House of Rajput, in multicolour Swarovski crystal that has been identified as a " Jean Paul Gautier"- as they were specifically designed by him in collaboration with Swarovski. The unique cut of the crystal creates textures when one wears the ring as the light does bounce off in various angles with its unique cuts of the stone, hence creating a spectra of colours.

Wanted to bring out the multi coloured stone against my outfit so chose a plain yet gorgeous powder pink Whistles dress for this look. Kept the other accessories small, dainty and simple so that the ring may stand out against the whole look, yet every piece of jewellery has a role to play in the creation of this total look. The bee bracelet ( by the way I am so loving bee motif on accessories) and the simple pearl necklace from Embrace Jewellery is just perfect to play supporting roles to the Sirena ring. This pair of dainty earrings is from Lovisa and it clearly finishes off the total look. But yet besides the ring, another piece de resistance is this absolutely stunning, made in Singapore, shophouse printed clutch bag from Photophactory. Honestly if you are looking at a bag that makes you stand out from the crowd, yet bearing some form of cultural background to it, then you should check out the range of clutch bags by Photophactory where many are showcasing the Peranakan culture of Asia, with the printed tiles in myriad of colours, as well as shophouses and batiks. Many of the clutches come in dual tone which means you can always mix and match them with different outfits creating different looks with one bag as each flip side is a different picture and colour. In this case, the shophouse clutch only has one print to the bag but I love that it carries with it many colours that could allow this bag to be easily paired with any outfit.

Here, I am showcasing the bag for a more formal look, but you can also check out how I styled this clutch bag with a casual outfit in my post here. Now these gorgeous rainbow heel pair of shoes had to surface from my wardrobe to complete this look. Doesn't it add that final glam, a little retro, touch to the whole look? By the way, they are on sale now from The Tui Collection.

I hope you enjoyed the styling of this outfit and do watch this space as I bring you more fun and exciting ways to style your jewellery pieces soon.

Simone xoxo

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