Yellow Fever :: Lemon Yellow Printed Pants + Woven Rattan Bag

Sunday, March 29, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Top : Topshop( past season) ( similar here)
Ring : Lovisa ( past season) ( similar here)
Earrings : Shein ( get it here)
Pants : Nala Design  ( get it here)
Sneakers : Eco Natural World ( get it here)
Sunglasses : H&M ( get it here)
Bag : Miuccia Studio ( get it here)

Hey everyone,

How are you holding up? I think many of you would be staying at home during this period of time, practising social distancing and just keeping safe and praying this soon will pass. For me, my son's international school was recently identified as a new cluster in this second wave that hit Singapore within the last week or so, and I must say we were kinda worried and scared especially as I also have my 80 yr old mom living with us. However, we just do what we can to protect ourselves for the moment and thank god none of the kids in the school have been confirmed cases so we are keeping cross their resilience will keep them going. School though has been close for my boy since last week and online virtual learning is full on. Somehow I feel more stressed with him being home and ensuring he keeps to his timetable for his studies and not chatting with his mates over Zoom. Ultimately, we pray for everyone's health and safety and for the families who have lost their love ones.

In this post, I wanted to bring to you something bright to cheer you up ( again!). So, this was a look I had taken just before everything started to get more serious - well here in Singapore at least. If you have been following me, you would have noticed that only 2 weeks ago I was still out and about on photo shoots but now, I am totally putting everything on the back bench to do my part and be socially responsible and stay home as much as possible, only venturing out for essentials. Only if everyone started staying in more and paid more attention to be as cautious as possible, can we seriously get over this whole pandemic. Unfortunately here in Singapore, I do see many still out and about at the malls or in the parks, without much regard how serious the issue is. I do understand about not panicking but complacency is also not right! So please if you are reading this, do your part to protect yourselves and your love ones and stay home!

Back to my post, as I needed that big pop of colour to boost my moods - so bring on the lemon yellow fever! Decked out almost head to toe in citrus yellow ( including my sunnies) to brighten up my mood, I realise it may be too strong a colour to inspire some of you, hence I  toned the look down with the mix of a denim jacket. Just to break things up a little.

Keeping the look simple and ready for summer 2020, I paired this casual outfit with a pair of white cotton sneakers and a honeycomb rattan woven bag which added that much needed quirky touch to the whole outfit.

I love how this gorgeous contemporary yellow block ring and yellow sunnies šŸ˜Ž just topped off and finished  the whole yellow look like fancy toppings on a birthday cake. Well before I sign off, keep safe guys, stay positive and remember that a small inconvenience of staying at home for a period of time is being socially responsible and certainly helps us all to get ahead of this virus so that we can all get back to our lives again. Take care ok?

Simone xoxo

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