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Sunday, March 01, 2020 Simone - Your Style Architect 3 Comments

Look 1 : With Scarf Belt ( @naladesigns / @justgayas)

Look 2 : With Vintage Leather Belt ( @avintagetale)

Dress : Jodi Life ( sold out) ( similar here & here
Scarf Belt : Nala Designs ( get it here) // Leather Belt : A Vintage Tale
Earrings : vintage ( similar here & here
Ring : Lovisa ( similar here & here) 

Hi all,

I have been so extremely busy this month seeing that many of the brands I love and support are all working on launching their new collections. I was of course privy to some of these new styles before they are officially launched and have been busy trying to take as many photographs to showcase them on my Instagram and here on my blog. If you have been following me also on Instagram ( @yourstylearchitect) you would have caught some of them already.

In my new vision for 2020, I wanted to support more local brands, bespoke and curated fashion and also trying my best to showcase boutiques that offer sustainable fashion. Be it organic materials or resources used in their products and/or recycling or upcycling items.

This gorgeous 100% organic cotton dress is from Jodi Life, which was from their last collection. However there are many similar style "print on print" dresses from their new collection - " A Seat At The Table". I have owned a couple of dresses from Jodi Life and I must say, all of them are unique and so lovely to wear. 

The print on print play as well as the colour combo of pink and red ( which I must admit years ago when I started to love fashion, I always thought this was a taboo to mix pink and red, yet now I love it so much!!) is just so beautiful and the style of the dress cuts a beautiful silhouette. In our tropical weather, this dress is perfect for the beach, for a bbq gathering or dressed up for an outdoor wedding. 

I also wanted to showcase the versatility of this dress by playing around with accessories - such as belts. This way one can keep creating slightly different looks with a single outfit by playing with the various accessories, like jewellery, shoes, bags and belts.

The first look in keeping with playing on the print on print theme, features a twilly scarf by Nala Designs which can be worn in many ways. Here I chose to wear the scarf as a belt ( perfect also with jeans). You can also use this scarf as a head scarf. The second look features a vintage 80s retro leather belt from A Vintage Tale.

Of course, I kept the other accessories simple and to a common colour tone such as white. This lovely pair of bespoke ankle wrap heels from The Tui Collection has dressed up many a looks for me and now they are on a clearance which is such a great deal for what its worth. I love how comfy their shoes are. 

I hope you enjoy this outfit pairing and do let me know which of the above styles you prefer - 1) with the twilly scarf or 2) with the leather belt.

Have a great week ahead.

Simone xoxo

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  1. I like that print on print dress. Colour and prints are perfectly match and you look amazing in dress. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  2. What a fab and fun combination! Love it dear, and bet really wrapped up the look.

    Jessica |

    1. Thanks Jess. I had fun mix and matching my accessories for this shoot!

      Simone xoxo