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As time goes by, Black Friday and the New Year is just around the corner! Like many of us, we wish for change in the new year, with new desires, new wishes. For some, maybe a change to be different from oneself may bring us good luck in the new year. Simple changes such as buying a new outfit, reading a book you have wanted for awhile but never found the time for, buying a new pair of shoes for new beginnings or buying a new bag to uplift your spirits. These little details can make you have feel those changes. Therefore, how can you reinvent yourself on a budget?

For one, shopping to lift one's spirits tends to be top of the list for many of us. Rosegal has introduced many ways for you to save on these online buys. Follow them to see some of their New Member Exclusive discounts. You can choose the from a wide array of the most affordable clothing and easily change yourself for that new look. Enjoy 30% OFF and a chance for a LUCKY DRAW to win vouchers ( Up to $20) , so let's go Shopping Now!

Coupon Madness with Rosegal
To help you and with the launch of their  New Member Exclusive program, have fun with this prize wheel on Rosegal to get more concessions.
  • $4 off purchases $29 and more
  • $7 off purchases $49 and more
  • $9 off purchases $59 and more
  • $12 off purchases $89 and more
  • $16 off purchases $99 and more
  • $20 off purchases $119 and more
  • $35 off purchases $199 and more
This special offer is limited to new registered users only. Therefore please refer closely to their terms and conditions to avoid any disappointment. Rosegal takes the cost out for their New Members so that you can simply focus on the fun.

New Member Exclusive details as below:
1. Each new account has 2 chances.
2. New Member Exclusive Coupons:
a. The coupons are exclusive only for newly registered members.
b. Each account can only claim up to 3 coupons: Once registered successfully, 15% off coupon automatically is issued to your account.
Play the LUCKY DRAW get more coupons with only 2 chances for each new account. All coupons are sent to your account.
c. The coupons are only valid for 10 days. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion, discounts, or coupon codes.
d. For those who use illegal means to get coupons for multiple times, Rosegal remains the right to declare the coupons as invalid.
3. New Users' Price
New users' price is applicable only to certain "BEST PRICE ONLY FOR YOU" products. Only those who never purchased product(s) on Rosegal before (including PC, M & APP) can enjoy the offer.

Wide Range of Products
Rosegal is proud to present a variety-filled range that boasts all kinds of costumes this coming Halloween to suit the needs of any type of customers. From Plus Size, Women and Men's clothing, to Home, Shoes&Bags, they cater to all who seek a fun costume this October.

Promotion Period
The New Member Exclusive Event  starts from 20th Oct - 26th Oct in 2018 with 50% off. Time is limited so don't miss it!

Lightning-Fast Delivery
Rosegal has recently upgraded its logistics system, making their delivery service one that is based on your convenience. They deliver to your home within a week, leaving you without all the hassle of leaving your front door.

Remember: 30% off and LUCKY DRAW coupons are limited to all new registered users. To avoid disappointment, visit to start your New Member Exclusive priviledges right away. With friendly staff who delight to serve their clients and available on their online chat, go grab your new outfit to change your style with Rosegal.

Simone xoxo
** Above post is sponsored by Rosegal

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