Nine Suggestions for Your Autumn Fashion Style (Sponsored by Rosegal)

Saturday, October 27, 2018 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

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Feeling excited? Too many clothes to choose from? Then check out these ten fashion tops suggestion highly recommended by the fashion team at Rosegal to help you make your shopping so much more easier!

1. Women's Tops

When the dry leaves fall on the ground, we know that Autumn is coming. Autumn means cool weather, and you know what, it also means you should start reorganizing your clothes!

This funky Cat Ear Hoodie is certainly a hot favourite. Designed in a loose style with a really cute cat's face, and what's more, special cat ears on the back make this hoodie so much more adorable. A cute jumper too for Halloween that does not cry out too loud!

Cat Ear Hoodie
Available online for both Black and Red Styles
Price:17.93 // New user price: 12.55

Price:22.06 // New user price: 15.44

Everyone should own at least one basic pullover hoodie. Check out this hoodie style pullover to add to your Autumn wardrobe.

Pullover Drop Shoulder Hoodie

Available online
Price:22.85 // New user price:16

Looking for something a little more feminine, then this Off the Shoulder chunky sweater would be an ideal choice. Warm and sexy, it would certainly be a must-keep in your closet.

Pullover Off Shoulder Chunky Sweater
Available online
Price:24.92 // New user price:17.44

2. Men's Tops

Is fashion all about the girls? No! Guys, you should know everyone is equal even in the fashion world. Therefore, this Slim Fit Spliced Pullover Sweater would be a great choice. Another basic yet eye catching number, girls - you should definitely get one for your boyfriend. Remember, don't forget them whilst you are busy shopping for your own autumn wardrobe. A little gift goes a LONG way......

Slimfit Splice Pullover Sweater
Available online
Price: 32 // New user price: 22.4

If you don't like this tighter fitting style, what about this block hoodie? Something more casual, comfy and certainly stylish. 

Block Hoodie
Available online
Price: 19.73 // New user price: 13.81

3. Christmas Themed Outfits
Christmas is just around the corner, so here are some cute Christmas theme outfits for you to consider as well. Especially when you need to attend the those Christmas themed dress code parties or perhaps Aunt Nancy's ritualistic Christmas Day luncheon.  

Christmas Tree Cat Print Drawstring Hoodie

Price: 23.02 // New user price: 16.11

Striped Belt Print Christmas Leggings

Price: 15.65 // New user price: 10.96

Christmas Print T-shirt

Price: 24.94 // New user price: 17.46

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** Above post written and sponsored by Rosegal.

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