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Wednesday, July 05, 2017 Simone - Your Style Architect 7 Comments

Happy midweek everyone.

Finally! Unpacked all 147 boxes that arrived from Hong Kong and it's just been a crazy mad 2 weeks. As I slowly settle into a new routine and get everything organised and in order, here's a quick midweek post to pick up the pace and get myself back into action.

Many of you would have noticed that I have slowed down considerably over the last few weeks... trust me I wish I had more time but it's not easy with this move. I hope all will be back on track again from now on.

Now if I can share a little secret with you. I have not been watching TV for the longest time - just had not had the time in Hong Kong with work and blogging and all. But since I am stuck at home now for most of the day, with the move and before I perhaps head back to the workforce again... I have had the TV on whilst I am busy ironing and doing the housework and got hooked on a particular reality TV show from the US.

" Married at First Sight" had been around since 2014 but I only just discovered it and boy... am I hooked!! Its a nice change from having to do crafts and prepare songs and story puppets although I do miss working with my kindy kids so much!

So the reason I brought this up was that watching the very first pilot series - Jamie (one of the wives on the show) had such great style and I love her lip colours and funky accessories. Often I am more crazy about accessories and fashion than makeup itself but this time I am badly wanting to go out and get all the lip colours she's been trending. And so here is the first of the light pinks she has been wearing. I love it!!

Before I sign off, please excuse the state of my nails ( chipped and broken) due to all that unpacking... but not to worry - the diva is back on track and I have got them all fixed now. It was hard ... let me tell ya!

Enjoy the rest of the week ahead !

Top : Shein.com ( get it here)
Bottom : Uniqlo ( similar here)
Hat : TopFeeling ( similar here & here)
Shoes : Stradivarius ( get it here, similar here)
Ring : old ( similar here)
Earrings : Swarovski ( similar here)

Simone xoxo

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  1. This cold shoulder top is so adorable! You look fabulous!
    xo, Jane

    1. Thanks Jane. Its such a versatile top to style. Hope to work on different pairings for this top soon.

      Simone xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Hi. Thanks. Do drop me an email should you wish to collaborate.

      Simone xoxo

  3. i love the shoes. they are the perfect nude color for you.

    1. Indeed! I love this shade and style of heels. It's so comfortable and easy to mix and match. Thanks for visiting.

      Simone xoxo

  4. What a cute blue top, Simone! Head to toe fab! Your photos are always stunning! I also love your summery background. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Much love, Len