Happy Birthday To Me 2016 !!

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Happy Saturday Everyone,

How time flies - another birthday, another year older! Just celebrated my birthday on 19 Aug and as my son had a sleepover with old friends, it was a nice quiet evening for my husband and myself.

Went to this beautiful Balinese contemporary  restaurant that's been opened about a year ago here in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong and aptly named "Tri" taken from the Balinese philosophy " Tri Hita Karana" meaning the balance of man, nature and divinity. The ambience created was certainly one that brought us back to Bali and the view was magnificient -  overlooking the Repulse Bay Beach and South China Sea. So bear with me with this slightly longer post filled with pictures of my time spent at Tri and the lovely cuisine we had enjoyed for this special occasion.

Couple of quick shots before we dashed out of the house. Received lovely presents from friends and relatives, especially the gift from my husband. He finally had been listening during our whole summer vacation - whilst I was subtly hinting what I would like for my birthday during our recent summer vacation.

So to start off the series of pictures, this was taken at the entrance stairway to Tri and I love how they had used bamboo to create a wall mural as you proceed along. It already starts setting the mood.

Before you start wondering why the pictures were a little hazy, my lovely husband took them this way for an effect ( his perfect excuse for bad photography) but I somehow kinda like the romantic feel this blurriness created.

So, whilst I was skimming through my closet for the perfect birthday outfit ( as usual one always has " nothing to wear" with a closet FULL of clothes), I then decided to do something fun and decided to look through clothing items that were past birthday presents to keep the whole occasion as sentimental as possible,  and chanced upon this black and white sheer Warehouse piece with the bling right down the front - PERFECT!!

As the blouse was sheer, and with the crazy humid weather now hitting us in Hong Kong, I was obviously worried that the restaurant would be blasting its air conditioning to the max ( a common practise here in Hong Kong). Hence, paired this outfit with my River Island faux leather, floral embossed, peplum jacket for that extra coverup and comfort. It has been awhile since I styled my outfits with long pants so this gorgeous red high waisted sailor pants was the perfect pairing for the jacket and top.

The cool waiting area with full glass panels on one side and balinese style seating on the other, provides that perfect escape before we sit down for our meal.

It was hard to resist not breaking out in some yoga / meditation mood pose as I enjoy the swing of these hanging cocoon love seats. Another gorgeous feature of the waiting area.

All that posing just got me so thirsty. Well, nothing beats a crisp Sauvignon Blanc to start off the evening ( and to quench my thirst!).

Whilst I was going all sentimental with the outfit pairing, I chanced upon this pair of lovely black crystal chandelier earrings ( another past birthday present from my son's godmother - Ros) and there you go - a perfect accessory to complete the look.

And now, here's some foodie pictures and unique decor of the restaurant that makes it so special. I must admit the food was simply delicious, perfect portioning and in a certain way made me reminisce of home with its spices and flavourings.

We were given a gorgeous table, designed like a little cocoon, floating above a pond filled with pebbles and overlooking the beach and the sea. We had to sit cross legged through the meal at this table, however that's the nostalgic aspect of Balinese dining I guess. Although, they also do have proper table setups as in picture below for those of you wishing to eat in ease than worry about that sudden leg cramp! Haa...haa....

Poring through the menu, we finally decided to try out their sharing menu which promised a nice selection of their specialties. And certainly a choice we had not been disappointed with.

Tuna Tartare
Potato Perkedel ( potato cutlet) & Lawar Bebek ( chopped salad of braised duck, grilled coconut mixed green beans and asparagus). The Lawar Bebek was eaten with Betel Nut Leaves.

Bak Pao Rendang ( Steamed buns with spicy Wagyu Beef Cheek).

Beef Kare ( char grilled Wagyu beef bavette with curried beef cheeks, potato & green beans)
We actually had another main course of the scallop and quail which was served with Morning Glory and healthy rice. However before I could get the chance to take any pictures of this first main course, my wonderful husband had gobbled the scallop off so quickly and so it could not be presented in a beautiful picture. Promise I will do so the next time.

Dadar Gulung (Balinese pancake with coconut filling, poppy seed crumble and mango sorbet)
Complimentary Petit Fours

We had the pleasure of being served by Tri's lovely restaurant manager (coincidentally half Singaporean too) - Ada Tan - who made us feel extremely comfortable and paid close attention to our needs that night. Thanks Ada for a great time ! Not forgetting compliments to Chef Conor for a perfect meal ! Hey - if you own that name ( just like my son) you are certainly going places.....

Of course, a quick run to the ladies before we leave and I was still in the mood for capturing every essence of this lovely experience. So to end off the post, it must be said that even their washrooms had followed through with the whole concept and ambience of the restaurant. Now, what else can I say!

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Tri and thank you for taking the time to read this post till the end. It was a indeed great birthday celebration!!

Top : Warehouse ( gift - thanks Carla!)
Jacket : River Island  ( similar here)
Pants : Stradivarius ( similar here)
Earrings : gift ( thanks Ros!) ( get the look for less)
Ring : old  ( similar here)
Clutch : old - Foster Bay ( similar here & here)
Heels : Valentino


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