Grey Skies :: Embellished Grey Jumper + Socks in Shoes Trend.

Friday, December 05, 2014 Simone - Your Style Architect 16 Comments

Brr...Hi Everyone.

The winds just changed so  much cooler overnight at the turn of the clock from 30 Nov to the 1 Dec and the whole winter festive mood just clicks in the air.

To begin, let me first thank all of you for your enthusiastic support on the Marc Jacobs US$300 Gift Card Giveaway and for your " likes" and " comments" on my blog posts. It was fun putting the looks together and being further encouraged when my readers gives me that valuable Thumbs Up!

Having not done an outfit post recently, here's one to start off my Socks in Shoes Trend which I wish to just go crazy with this Winter.

By now, many of you would realise I am a " bling" kinda girl and I love that this jumper has the embellish shoulders which just glams up a casual gray sweater. LOVE IT!

Decided to just go all out with the bling then with the chunky bangles and of course trending a new hat for this Winter. Another favourite hat style I love is this newsboy cap... casual yet fun!

Was out shopping recently for Christmas gifts for my girlfriends and family and although it's only the start of December but my word, the Christmas feeling is in the air. So I had to just to blast my favourite Christmas carols in the background whilst typing out this post. I even have my favourite Christmas fragrance burning in the oil burner in the room. I do love Christmas sooo much - just all the memories of traditions we had in the family.

This green beaded cuff bangle which I am wearing was Grandma's and one of those that I had gotten her for Christmas just the year before she passed away.  So wearing it in this outfit in the lineup for Christmas means so much.

And finally, the first of my few socks in shoes trend. This was a much lighter pair of socks which I easily paired with my stilettos from River Island. Subtle yet giving the outfit a fun element.

Let me know if this trend is a yay or a nay with you? It's the first time I am styling this trend but am certainly having fun with it.

Enjoy your weekend and do look out for my next video coming up on Monday, 8 December 2014.

Till then, keep warm and don't forget to keep your daily entries coming in for the Marc Jacobs $300 Giveaway! ( Click here)

Jumper : old ( similar here) // Leggings : Uniqlo ( similar here
Bag : Celine Edge Inspired  // Cap : EG ( similar here
Jewelry : Hermes Inspired ( similar here) & Forever 21 ( similar here)
 Heels : River Island ( similar here)// Socks : Daiso ( similar here)
Simone xoxo
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  1. Cute pictures!!!

    1. Thanks <3. So would you trend socks in shoes? I should try it with my Rockstud shoes!

  2. Grey is on the rise at the moment, I see. Your heels are wonderful!

  3. I love this trend! I wish it would get popular here! Looks lovely

    1. It's kinda fun to play around with. Look out for my next post on another socks in shoes style!

  4. I think you paired the heels with floral stockings so well. Great combination for sure.
    Maybe now it's a good time to bring your faux fur coat out for a spin? =D

  5. This outfit is fab and you look amazing!!

  6. I love that bag and the bracelets are so cute.
    xx, Jodi

  7. I really do love the delicate socks with the heels. I recently did a post on socks with heels/ takes some getting used to, but I like it. And I love the sweater! The combination of bling and gray is perfect.

    1. Thanks Debbie. Loving your looks too and definitely following on IG. Will check out your post on the socks with heels/sandals. It's fun trending it isn't it?

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks E. Yes these are rather thin but the flower buds was so cute I couldn't resist. Being sheer, it also helps that it doesn't get too tight trending this style with this type of socks. ASOS seems to be sold out on their sheer socks so looks like people are having fun with this trend.