Fun Ways to Wear Leopard Print Trend

Saturday, September 29, 2018 Simone - Your Style Architect 0 Comments

Whilst some of you had jumped on the bandwagon of trending animal prints this Fall, others may be a little apprehensive as it can be a little too much to put on a full outfit of leopard prints.

Don't get me wrong - I love leopard prints and animal prints like snake prints however, I was cautious this time around to invest in a full blown leopard print piece seeing that it's one of those " come and go" trends that turn around in a heartbeat. So, I decided to put this outfit together, getting into the whole trend of leopard prints but wearing it subtly in terms of pieces rather than a full outfit.

Found the perfect match in these beautiful faux fur pumps and belt and these leopard print drop earrings I had stashed away at the back of my earring drawer.

Moral of the story :: You certainly do not need to follow trends blindly but twist it to match your needs and the appropriateness of the climate you are in.

Tell me what you think of this trend and how you would style this look? Have fun playing with the leopard print trend!

Top & Jeans : ZARA // Belt : MNG
Shoes : Seed // Bag : Staud 
Rings : Shein // Earrings : Lovisa

Simone xoxo

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