De-clutter Your Closet - Easy and Clean ( Guest Post )

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Simone - Your Style Architect 4 Comments

A cluttered closet can sure mess with one’s head. Every once in a while someone will open their closet and get “knocked out” by all the piled up clothes they have thrown on top of each other. This will be followed by digging through to find what they want to wear on that day. And boy, does it get tedious sometimes. 

Commonly, people wear very few different combinations of attire and one or two types of domestic, comfortable clothing. Alongside that, we transition two or three times a year with our choice of wardrobe, whether it be season inspired or simply, change of taste. Considering all of that, a lot of people don’t wear that many clothes, and yet, the closets are cluttered and overflowing. With that said, it’s time to think about a little wardrobe makeover to lift the weight off your shoulders. We are here to offer you some tips on how to clean and organise your closet! 

Make sure that you take out absolutely everything out of the closet. This way, you can start rebuilding and cleaning from the ground up. With every piece of clothing you take out, make sure to give it a good look to be sure it’s not worn out, damaged or gotten a little too tight for you. Also, go ahead and try on some of the things you pull out of the closet. Thus underlining that you are absolutely certain what you want to do with this piece. Boiling down to the most necessary, stylish and topical articles, put aside the ones that you didn’t find purpose or value in and consider donating them or throwing them away. 

Going over everything that has been taken out of the closet in such matter will solidify a whole new view of your closet. Instead of it looking like as if every piece of clothing is trying to push itself out to take a deep breath, there will be a refreshing open, clutter free space where the clothes feel like they are on vacation. 

Clothes, shoes and accessories aren’t the only items people tend to keep in their closets. It’s certainly common to put away a box of photos or toys in there, but then these are things that don’t belong there. Cleaning your closet from all unnecessary items is a good start! There are certain places for certain things. Such objects, for example, include books, school supplies, items that are no longer of use. Those items are better off to be out of the closet. Anything beyond what is considered as part of a person’s wardrobe should be relocated. Don’t use the closet space for the “swipe under the rug” method. 

Now you can take some time before you organize it all over again. It’s definitely time to clean it a bit and make it look better. If you like air fresheners, you can hang some in there to make the place smell nicer. The cleaning should be done from the top to the bottom, because you don’t want any dust to be removed from the bottom shelf, and then bury it in dust from the top shelves. Cleaning your closet shouldn’t take a lot of your time and soon you will be able to re-organise it however you want!  

Putting everything back should be far more looked into. It’s not the best idea to start grabbing random clothes, putting them on top of one another and chugging them back in the closet. Best advice is to do some categorizing. 

The ability to differentiate between two shades of the same color is not an ability every person can do, but at least everyone can tell dark from light and black from white. Start by categorizing all the shirts together, then trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, jackets and so on. Fold them up and put them back on their shelves and hangers. For the accessories, plan a separate space. Place hats and scarves on hangers that stick to walls. Go out of your way to do some rearranging. When there is more space available in the closet, be mindful, don’t run off and start buying more clothes to fill it up. Let it sit like this and you will be surprised what you can make out from what you already have. 

We hope our cleaning and organising tips will be helpful when you find the time to clean and re-organise your closet! Good luck!

( Above post written by Zowie Ashton)

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  1. Such a great post and tips! I'm feeling inspired now to get my wardrobe cleaned out!

    Gemma x

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing. I need to de-clutter my closet and this is so helpful!

    Camille xo

  3. I absolutely love the shelf dear! That's a really nice idea, as you can see all your stuff. It looks really cool too.

    Jessica |

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