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Happy midweek everyone,

Was able to have a few hours quiet time and chanced upon this great online store - Fashionmia.com which had some great trendy and stylish pieces online. A perfect timing seeing I am now looking for items to create my Fall wardrobe and with my recent post highlighting Fall's Top 10 Colour Trends ( read it here) , I decided to put together a list of some of their Trench Coats which I am gravitating towards and certainly considering to get.

Whilst the weather is still pretty warm here in Hong Kong, a light outerwear is still required for chillier mornings and nippy evenings. Too early yet to dig out the heavy winter overcoats from storage vacuum bags, here are some must have styles, reasonably priced that will get you going till Winter.

Hooded Roll Up Sleeve Plain Drawstring Trench
Naturally my favourite colour  this Fall ( if you have yet to notice) is the Olive hue trench. Edgy, yet comfy - it is the perfect throw over to take you through cooler weather yet allowing you the freedom of mix and matching. Check out the above style and more by clicking here.

Plain Breasted Chic Lapel Trench Coats

A classic style and one that I would most highly recommend is this grey, plain breasted lapel trench coat. Typical in terms of design and style for trench coats but don't you agree - it's certainly a versatile and classic style year-on-year, season after season and it never seems to run out of fashion. I particularly love this grey colour so it allows you more versatility playing with more coloured clothing items rather than trending it in usual black or camel. The new black, if I can say so and smart for work outfits too.

Printed Lapel Trench Coat

Now admit it. Whenever you see the Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton, dressed in her prettiest of printed coats and matching dress sets, did you not ever wondered, " How I wish I could look like that?" Glamourous and sophisticated, a printed trench would be a good option this Fall to change your style slightly - to be brave and bold and go places one could only dream of - being out of one's comfort zone of plain coloured, single tone coats. Then go crazy for once and get yourself a printed trench. A lovely nice fall colour to play with and certainly a pretty cut and fabric pattern where you can feel like a princess, check this look out and more printed trench coats here.

Appealing Houndstooth Printed Trench Coats
Speaking of printed coats, another trending Fall 2016 print is the Houndstooth or Gingham print. For this reason, I like this feminine styled trench in Houndstooth. Elegant and sophisticated in design, a pretty number especially for evening dinners and certainly another trench option for work.

Plain Chic High Neck Trench Coat

I was so delighted to spot this casual half trench in my favourite beige hue. Loving the high collar style and ruffled sleeve, this high neck trench coat is one perfect for mix and matching with pants or skirt giving a feminine yet edgy touch to an outfit. Kind of like a biker chic style. Just not in leather and studs - if you know what I mean.

Lapel Breasted with Pockets Trench Coat
Appealing Lapel Breasted with Pockets Trench Coat

So, alright. I get it. You still like to be safe with fashion and staying conventional. Perhaps preferring to invest in one solid piece to take you through the season. Then this classic black trench  or beige lapel with pockets would be that perfect choice. For more colour choices and styles similar to this, click here to view more.

Pink Faux Suede Trench

Nonetheless, finally this pastel coloured trench may still help you get through Fall. A nice change working with a pastel coloured trench. Only if you dare venture being more creative in your dressing style. I do enjoy playing with colours and so this subtle pink faux suede trench adds that feminine touch to what is a more masculine styled coat.

Click here to visit Fashionmia.com to enjoy a 15% discount for Halloween and go get yourself those essential Fall pieces you may wish to have this Autumn 2016.

Which is your favourite style?

Simone xoxo

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