Slithering Spring :: Snake Prints + Shift Dress

Friday, May 15, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 14 Comments

Hello everyone.

Trust you guys had a good weekend and enjoyed a nice relaxing time, either being pampered ( because of Mother's Day) or pampering your loved ones.

Been working a little more and hence, had less time to be blogging but am trying to pick up speed again soon. Had taken these pics a while ago but figured now that the weather is warming up, it'll be a good inspiration on restyling an old outfit aka my Navy Whistles Crepe Dress ( see original post here) with snake print accessories seeing it's a current trend in most stores for Spring/ Summer.

Funny enough if I may share with you, am also taking extra precaution especially with open doors etc as recently here in Hong Kong, it was reported that snakes are now coming out of hibernation and being soooo hungry, one python recently killed 2 large goats, ate only 1 ( because it's eyes were larger than its stomach) and honestly thought it'll be a good meal even with the goat's horns sticking out through its tummy. Amazing.... oh not to forget it also killed a cat!! My goodness me... so watch out for those slithering creatures especially with your pets.

The last time I posted this outfit, I paired it with a jewelled statement necklace. This time with the snake print accessories, I wanted to give this outfit a totally different appeal and paired it with a collared beaded necklace which gives it a feminine and girly touch to the outfit.

Am always about working with different accessories to create a different mood and look to an existing dress or item in the wardrobe! Love it!!

Here are some inspiration to trend snake print accessories or even outfits for Spring / Summer.

1. Carvela Glisten Assymetric Snake Skin Sandals // 2. ASOS Snake Print Toe Post Sandals // 3. ASOS Dune Abbie Snake Print Embellished Flat Shoes // 4. River Island Snake Print Skirt // 5. Prada Snake Print Tote // 6. H&M Patterned Kimono //
7. Karen Millen Snake Print Clutch // 8. Tokyo Jane Snake Print Bangle

1. Lohvarni Snake Print Romper // 2. Malene Birger Scarf // 3. Michael Kors Snake Print Tote Bag // 4. ASOS Mi-Pac Bagpack in Faux Snake Print // 5. Polyvore Snake Print Maxi Skirt // 6/Topshop Snake Print Blouse // 7. Pepperlime Snake Print Pants //
8.Boohoo Snakeprint Playsuit // 9. Stella McCartney Caramel Python Print Clutch

Dress : Whistles ( sold out - similar style here)
Bag : Jessica Simpson ( similar style here)
Shoes : Nine West ( similar here)
Necklace : old  ( similar here)
Watch : Michael Kors ( get it here

So stay cool, keep out those slithering snakes from your backyard ( just hide them in your closet ha ha ......) and see you again here soon!

Simone xoxo Get this look for $6+ on Lookastic: Brown Snake Leather Wedge Sandals, Gold Watch

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  1. cool! love how simple this outfit is, yet so elegant!

    1. Thanks for visiting again Miss.samijli! Indeed this print is seriously all in the shops and just a matter of pulling old stuff out of the closet and restyling them. Have fun recyling your outfits this Spring/ Summer 2015!

  2. Very nice outfit. Completely stylish and elegant.

  3. I really like the beaded collar necklace, I feel like it takes this outfit to a whole new place. I love how cute it is and it makes the dress look completely different, love it!

  4. I love the shoes, they look cute and comfy!!

  5. Love this outfit, you can really rock snake print!

  6. Great outfit! Love the snake print wedge sandals.

  7. I hate snakes so much, I'm not sure I could bring myself to wear anything with a snakeskin pattern! LOL

  8. Snake print is a new trend to me. I find it hard to style it.

  9. A beautiful elegant outfit. I really like the collared beaded necklace, it makes the outfit stand out. The dress looks very comfortable.

  10. oo! so cute! i love the shoes and dress

  11. Oh I just LIVE for those purse and shoes. I hate snakes, they look better as accessories... :p

  12. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment and for visiting! Love it or hate each his own... for me, I do like animal prints be it leopard print, snake print and faux croc leather. Have fun trending these items with small accessories and build it up. Just be careful not to end up looking like a Working Girl which is that fine line between ...