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Saturday, January 03, 2015 Simone - Your Style Architect 9 Comments

Happy New Year everyone!

As much as there were happy and pleasant memories for 2014, but I  am seriously glad that 2014 is over and looking forward to 2015 with the hope of a new start to life. Too many tragic happenings in the world in 2014 where many innocent lives were lost, and personally I have had to deal with a bunch of negative and horrible people who believe that animal life is cheap compared to their material things. Certainly a behaviour I can never condone and I am certainly writing them off in my life. Not worth considering to bury the hatchet as a hypocrite I am not, therefore life goes on.

So to ring in the new year heading out for lunch, a feminine and fun twist to a Tuxedo Style outfit was my choice. Monochrome black and white is a classic style and this look had a strong " Marilyn Monroe meets Audrey Hepburn" vibe to it.

Love this 1950s style structured neoprene midi skirt ( I had mentioned it in my last Youtube Video " Mini Zara Haul and Accessory Pairings for Winter " - so go check it out) as it's such an ideal travel item to take along ( non-crease) and perfect for dressing up or down with.Threw on a leather biker jacket for cooler weather outside.

Love pairing this skirt with a tailored dress shirt - simple yet elegant. And you can even glam it up further with a statement necklace or a bustier top over the shirt for a different look and feel.

Had fun twirling my skirt in between serious shots! The Zara red mid heel court shoes always adds that punch of colour to a basic black and white outfit.

The necklaces were both Xmas gifts. The shorter necklace was from my bestie and the Karma Necklace was from my mom-in-law. Taking this outfit up a notch is my pave bracelet and glitter quilted bag which adds the much needed bling to this classic do. Love it!

Here's wishing all of you success in achieving your New Year Resolutions and may 2015 bring you a year of true friendships to last a lifetime, happiness, success, good health and happy surprises!

Leather Jacket : b+ab ( similar here) // Shirt : ZARA ( similar here)
Skirt : b+ab ( similar here) // Heels : ZARA ( similar here)
Bag: Foster Bay- old ( similar here) // Bracelet : J Crew Pave ( similar here)
Necklace : gifts ( similar here & here

Simone xoxo

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  1. So basic, but so gorgeous! Absolutely love it. :)

  2. Thanks Debbie. Wishing you the very best for 2015!!

  3. I absolutely love your skirt - the length and material are so perfect! You shoes are so cute too! Happy 2015!! x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Happy New Year to you too and wishing you every success for your blog and a possible collaboration sometime soon!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the horrible news of those people in your life who are bringing negative energy. definitely don't need them. and about the animals? that's so sad!! I can't believe how cruel some people are. but fret not, karma is a bitch =)

    loving your outfits as always!!! happy new year to you and your family!!

    1. Thanks Miss.Samijli! Indeed what goes around comes around and I am sure one day, justice will be served when others treat their life equally as cheap as they have done. Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you and your family a fabulous new year and only positivity in your life!!

  5. So simple, so elegant and very nice. Lovely outfit.

  6. That shirt is absolutely gorgeous on you!!! So perfect!