Summer Sandals Styles 2013

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Hi everyone.

I know it's been a VERY VERY long sabbatical from my last post but figured it's about time now after a good 7 mths that I start get my act back in order and start working on my blog again.

Firstly, Foster Bay unfortunately is history with the move to HK. Sad, but I guess it was a very good experience and would love to start something up again in the near future.

Why the long sabbatical? Well, I was intending to update you all on my London/ Florida trip with nice winter pics and shots however the sudden news of a possible relocation to HK popped up when we headed back to Singapore. Now we have finally settled into HK in Clear Water Bay. Loving it here and it's been a good 3 months thereabouts to get furniture and stuff in order however slowly but surely we are settling in well......

We are now in the heat of Summer and as you can imagine, everyone is out in their latest Summer trends, of which floral still screams out loud for 2013. Doing things a lil different this time, I have decided to commit this post solely to my Top 10 personal favourite Summer Sandal Styles.

 Embellish Sandals
Tribal Sandals

 Leather Sandals

Feathered Sandals

Victoria Beckham in her Louis Vuitton Tribal Feathered Sandals.

Rope / Braid Sandals
T-Strap Sandals

Floral Sandals

Jelly Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Metallic Sandals

Of course, one can easily find a combination of Sandal styles in a pair e.g Tribal / T-Strap, Embellish/ Leather, Feather / Animal Print etc..

I like my Sandals pretty simple so here's my favourite from Zara 2013 Summer Collection- T-Strap Leather Sandals. 


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