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Saturday, February 27, 2016 Simone - Your Style Architect 9 Comments

Happy Saturday everyone.

What a week...weather was gloomy, back to routine after the Chinese New Year holidays and husband was travelling.... all sort of dampened my spirits.

Been researching more on how to take better pictures for my blog and was particularly inspired by a fellow blogger who had written a great post on self-taken pictures. Do check out Liz Morrow's post on her blog : Delightfully-tacky.com Will probably take me awhile to perfect my pictures as Liz has done hers. Slowly but surely I am sure I will get there.

Before the weather starts warming up again - here's a quick take on my favourite colour " Camel" and this coat which arrived in the mail from Shein.com.( Thank you!) Bought a couple of things recently from them too and will showcase them shortly in another Haul Video.

For those of you who know me well, I had never really been a sneakers person. But lately I decided to (again) break out of my comfort zone of ballet flats and decided to try trending sneakers. Seriously, even Victoria Beckham in her latest Fall 2016 show ( check it out here) is now trending sneakers and given up heels altogether. There must be something subtly sexy about sneakers.

Back to this versatile camel coat from Shein.com, I decided to put together 3 looks in trending this coat. The first being over the shoulder but not worn ( very celebrity / fashion blogger style). Second, pairing it with leopard print accessories which is sooo me. I love my animal prints. Third, belting it up for a different look. This particular coat is a little " box-ier" in cut ( if there is such a term to describe it) and so tends to fall a little square on the body. Therefore by belting it up, it creates a little more figure and again a more feminine touch to an otherwise masculine style coat. And finally, just simply worn on it's own!

Not forgetting mini bags  are the next " IN" bag style to own and so my beautiful Fendi Peek-A-Boo has been pulled out to complete this cute outfit.

If you were to google online, many bloggers have styled camel coats with mostly black accessories and clothing items. However, I wanted to keep this light and more in line with a Spring/ Summer colour palette than a Winter palette. So paired it with a white clothing items and accessories.

Ha ha found the ladder on the rooftop and why not? Decided to add this as a prop to my pictures - starting to think a little out of the box now... you see it, you see it....Thanks Liz for great tips!

Pullover : Cocolatte 
 Pants : Cotton On
Coat : Shein.com
Belt : Pull N Bear // Scarf : old, street stall // Bag : Fendi 
Sunglasses : Zara // Sneakers : Adidas Superstar - Animal

Simone xoxo
Women's Camel Coat, White Cardigan, White Leggings, White Leather Slip-on Sneakers on Lookastic: Camel Coat, White Cardigan, White Leggings, White Leather Slip-on Sneakers

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  1. Oh i love this look! and yes, I saw about VB and her sneakers!!! thanks for this post!

    1. Ah thanks for visiting! Indeed a good friend mentioned about VB to me and I immediately thought of styling this outfit with sneakers. That's how influential VB can be!

  2. Love the coat and sneakers look. Would be comfy but chic.

  3. Love the coat and sneakers look. Would be comfy but chic.

  4. I love this outfit. Its very chic and in right now.

    1. Hi Tatum. Thanks for visiting and commenting. It certainly is such an easy style to put together and bonus points that it's super comfy too!

  5. The style is like a pea coats. The color and style of your coat was Assamese. Good outfits!

    1. Thanks Jamie. We learn something new each day. Thanks for visiting.