Fun in Florida ( GIVEAWAY - " SPOT THE OWL" CONTEST Part 2/3)

Thursday, January 17, 2013 Anonymous 1 Comments

Hi everyone!

Finally back in Singapore and struggling with severe jetlag this time around crossing 2 time zones again enroute back from Florida to London to Singapore.

What was so funny, was that we expected to experience a white winter in the UK during our 2 trips there but only got to  experience the Snow in the UK ONLY on our last day.

Likewise in Florida, the weather which we expected to be warmer in the day allowing us to enjoy the sun and swim, yet to be cooler at nights where we could sit in front of the fireplace to catch a movie, was not quite how it panned out.

It was cold for most of the 3 weeks we were there and could hardly touch the water in the pool, however, on our last day in Florida, the weather starting warming up and we did enjoy a quick dip before heading to the airport! " Sigh"...... anyway besides getting the bad flu bug that was virally spreading throughout most states in the USA upon my arrival in Florida, it  was still a fun trip indeed, with time spent with family in both continents!


I know it has taken me awhile to post the second part of the Giveaway Contest. Don't worry the " Owl" hasn't fallen asleep nor has it flown away. Just taking a short breather ( to get over the jetlag to be honest)!

So try and spot the iphone " OWL" cover in the photos in this post and comment to all 3 instalments of this Giveaway Contest and you will stand to win a funky and cool STEVE MADDEN mobile phone carrier cum ID card holder.


Simone xoxo

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  1. SPOT THE OWL (PART 2/3)
    Picture 1 - In your hand
    Picture 2 - Between the bushes
    Picture 3 - On the branches behind
    Picture 4 - Leaning against your boot
    Picture 5 - None